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  1. May we all realize that everyone has a back story. It could be good, bad, or very ugly. We can’t assume, or jump to a conclusion about someone – but we do, all the time. From what their wearing, how they look, or speak – in a matter of a few seconds, to many, make judgement calls. Some people are an open book, but others have layers that take time, and lots of effort, to actually get to ‘know’ someone. And as this person has said, it’s a difficult journey. We have the power within us to make each day good, because if we don’t – we’ll turn into someone that only complains, thinks their the only one in the world who had it really bad. Therefore, ‘look up’, see how beautiful things can be and as ‘daily blessed child’ said, the change has to come from within you, but it is so worth it.

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    1. Everything that Victoria commented on is so very true. Even you feel alone, or are in a difficult place there is always someone worse off than you, Be Grateful for what you are dealing. You can get through it.


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