For many, the Christmas period is a far cry from a happy, joyful time with gifts and laughter. It’s a period with some kind of disappointment, anxiety, sadness, depression and even suicidal thoughts. Christmas is often accompanied by stressors, including alcohol, changed sleep patterns, increased financial burdens, and the lost of loved ones.

When my father passed away the holidays were a depressing time for me. Knowing that his favorite season was Christmas was especially difficult. He was a kid at heart if I didn’t wait until Christmas Eve to take his my gifts. He started opening them as soon as I sat them on his table.

I took care of my father for 10 years. When he passed I started drinking alcohol again. It was the only way I knew how to deal with his loss. Especially as the Christmas Holiday approached.

It is important for people to acknowledge the difficulties during these times. Some may need to seek professional help for Christmas depression or sadness if it’s severe. However staying active and not isolating ourselves, reducing alcohol consumption.

Most Importantly, remember that the advertising hype and perfect imagery is fictional. Don’t let it define your experience.

If your financially burdened, there are some “Do it Yourself” crafts that are pretty simple. Or even spending time with people. A gift of time is the greatest gift. Baking sweets and give them as gifts. I usually make fudge every year to give. It easy, not the expensive, and easy clean up if you clean right after it’s done, while everything is not caked on. I have a friend that makes wreathes to give as Christmas gifts. I never go a Christmas without having a new wreath on my door. Some people know how to crochet. They crochet all year long for gifts during the holiday season.