Worshiping Through Tough Times

Worship is not something believers are called to do so God can reinforce His status. On the contrary, it is His way of calling us near. At times, when we are grieving, it can feel as though worship is the last discipline we want to engage with. However, learning the discipline of practicing worship and pursuing God’s presence , no matter what our present circumstance, is one of the most helpful practices we can cultivate in our daily lives.

In Philippians 4:4-7, God promises us peace that surpasses all knowledge and understanding; “And the peace of God, the transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.“

Before the Apostle Paul leads us to this promise though, we are first given a command and instruction: it is the key that unlocks our peace and causes us to intentionally seek joy: “Rejoice!” Worship will never erase our hurts and pain nor will it eradicate our grief in times of trouble, but it will transform it into unexplainable peace. A deep peace we could not receive or find at any other time in our lives.

Of Course, because we live in a fallen world, things that are beyond our control will happen in our everyday lives. Yet we can be equipped and empowered with the truth that protects and covers our hearts, mind and strength. When we intentionally choose to do this, our words become a form of comfort to our weary, and anxious hearts.

What if we, took Pauls’s instruction literally, and applied it practically to our lives? What if today we decided not to be riddled with anxiety and fear, but instead chose to rejoice? We can hand our troubles, anxieties and situations over to God who cares for us, who knows us deeply, and loves us unconditionally.

What if we choose to rejoice in the one who knows us by name, and who has called us because He is faithful? He will protect, provide and empower us by His Holy Spirit. Even if our feelings tell us that God has abandoned us, and we listen to our feelings of despair and devastation. By God’s grace we can choose to worship Him spirit and truth, no matter what life throws our way.

Philippians 4:4-7

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