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I have had a rough life in my past, everything I tried to do, every decision I ever made was bad, my life was a disaster. Due to some really bad things that happened to me. I felt like a worthless piece of trash. I’m creating this blog so if their is someone out there, I can help them through their struggle so they won’t make the same mistakes I did. I have transformed my life into something positive and amazing just by changing some ideals. It has been a long difficult journey but I am happy I made it through now I get to reap the joy I truly deserve.

God Sees Our Pain

We all know what it is like to feel pain, but does God see what we’re going through?

A great truth that we can live by, is that no matter where we live or who we are, God sees us, and He knows every detail of our pain. He comprehends the unexplainable anguish that invades our lives like an intruder bent on stealing our joy, self-esteem, health and more.

Pain comes in various forms physical pain as we fight headaches to cancer. Emotional pain as we experience a severed relationship. Financial pain when our position is terminated, and bills stack up. Spiritual pain when we question Gods love because life is so hard. Pain saps our energy and can lead to bitterness and despair. Like a wicked taskmaster, it can enslave us. But God sees us, and He cares deeply. He doesn’t waste the pain in our lives.

Psalm 139:13-24 encourages us that God sees us in every moment of our lives, and reminds us that God knows our hearts and our thoughts.

In Verse 23 of the same scripture God tells us from the time He formed us in our mother’s womb until we see Him face to face, we are never out of His sight. There is no place to flee from His presence. God sees us in the dark because it is as brings as the day to Him.

He sees us when we wander. He sees every thought, every word and every action. He knows our motives and our deepest desires. He sees all around us, in front of us, and behind us, and His hand in on us. He leads us, He holds us, He searches us, and He knows us. And most of all He hears our prayers.

The other day at the grocery store I ran into an old friend. He told me he cancer. He told me it was because God was mad at him. I asked why he thought God hated him, his reply was because he gave me cancer! I explained that God didn’t hate him and how I also had been through cancer and how much I had grown in the Lord since. In the middle of the grocery store I prayed for this man. And brought peace to him.

No matter what you pain is Gods see you! You may feel invisible, that no one really sees you or comprehends your hurt and despair. When you begin to doubt that God sees you, read Psalm 139. Our God sees us, knows everything about us and loves us perfectly in the midst of our imperfection.

Is Your Body Tired or Is Your Soul Tired?

When we’ve gone through periods of extreme emotional or mental stress, or souls can go into temporary deep stress.

As we try to lift ourselves out of it by thinking positively or attempting to shift our state by forcing ourselves to become more physically energetic, we will likely feel vibrationally low.

The reason is that our soul needs time to repair in the same way tired muscles or broken bones need to heal. Even though your soul is not visible it’s there and every bit as important as body damage.

We may not pay attention to our souls, we ignore the warning signs that our energy is rapidly depleting, it can lead to more severe, long term health issues lie chronic anxiety or depression.

When our soul is exhausted, we may notice that not only does our body feel like a heavy lead object in pushing us down every movement is hard work, bit all our sensitivities are heightened and we feel on edge, running on straight adrenaline. little things that seem normal seem like they are to handle. We become overwhelmed and close to a meltdown at the thought of having anything out of the ordinary life might throw our way.

We may go through the day and it seems like everything is playing in slow motion. During the night, our sleep will restless as we experience turbulent, realistic dreams or nightmares that remain in our mind.

When someone asks us what’s wrong with us, we fail to have any clear answers that can translate how we feel. We know there is something deep going on with us, but we can’t quite describe why we feel what we feel or exactly why we feel this way.

Mathew 1: 28-30 tells us to come to Him and He will give us rest for our weary souls.

We feel an intense aching throughout our body and we may experience headaches, stomach aches and buried vision without any medical condition.

We feel A though we are out of sync without a current timeline. Our mind is operating a few moments slower than our body causing us to feel disoriented and fragmented.

All our emotions are heightened that tears flow more easily. We feel out hearts could burst from all the emotions flowing around I side us.

We feel a profound sense of loneliness even around others and my wonder who we can trust.

We may feel weakened and anything we do is exhausting from eating to exercising.

We may have anger, bitter resentful, or jealous thoughts about other people- when we usually feel compassion and don’t hold a grudge toward anyone.

The desire to leave everything behind and start over seems tempting. It can also make you feel suicidal.

When I feel this way I tend to push my way through it. Because that’s the way I was taught to handle situations like this.

That is not necessarily the answer. You can find a way to be alone for a day or weekend to just rest and put everything else on hold. Somethings changing your scenery can help a lot.

I always make sure I have a Bible or another positive book with me to read or meditate on. And just focus on yourself get the rest you need even if it’s for a short time.

Remember feeling soul tired can be caused by toxic people that put off negative energy. If we are not living our truth, or we are constantly put other before ourselves. Or we push ourselves so hard that we reach burn-out level. Being soul-tired can also be from holding on to the past to much.

Whatever the reason, our body, and soul have been thrown out of alignment and requires some time care a d gentleness so we can recharge and realignn ourselves.

Our Hope When Life Hurts

Life is unpredictable. Who could have guessed a pandemic would upend our plans, uproot our sense of certainty, and throw us into turmoil, leaving us longing for hope? Life can change in a nanosecond, and it deals blows we cannot expect.

Thankfully, in our time of uncertainty, we can take hold of the promise found in Romans 15:13. “The God of hope will fill us with all joy and peace, and by the power of the Holy Spirit we may abound in hope.” Hope is mentioned not once but twice in this verse.

The first mention in this verse refers to God as the origin of hope. We anticipate a favorable outcome not based on His person. We will face disappointments or life-altering detours. We will experience the death of a dream or the loss of a loved one. But no matter how difficult our circumstances, we can have hope because of who God is: powerful, wise, sovereign and good. God is our guide, our comfort, our rock that remains steadfast when everything around us crumbles. He’s our constant companion who has promised never to leave us, not even for a moment.

The second mention of hope refers to us as the recipients. God pours Hope into us when we choose to believe He is who He says He is and that He always keeps His promises. When we do this, He gifts us not with flimsy optimism that everything will work out okay, but with a rock solid anticipation of a favorable outcome under His guidance.

And because we live among humanity desperately seeking hope, He wants our supply to spill over and fill those around us, creating in them a curiosity to know our secret. We can’t concoct this hope in our own strength; God makes Hope possible you the power of the Holy Spirit living in us.

The more we meditate on Romans 15:13, the word God heals our hurting hearts. We can hang on to hope knowing that someday, Jesus will return and set everything right. Someday, He will wipe every tear from our eyes. In the meantime, we can live in hope because the source of hope lives in us.

What Is Spiritual Warfare?

Spiritually speaking, there’s an unseen world that our human eyes can’t see. In this unseen world, there’s a battle taking place that was instigated by our spiritual enemy, Satan. He’s also referred to as the devil, the evil one, and the thief among other names.

Every plan of attack and activity from Satan begins with a lie. That’s his ammunition against every Christ follower. If he can get us to believe a lie, that’s the beginning of our deception. That’s why we must know, live, stand on, and share God’s truth.

We must understand that Satan isn’t omnipresent. There are eight billion people in the world and our good, amazing, God is with each and every one of us. But satan isn’t. Yes, there are other evil spirits and forces at work, but he’s unable to be everywhere all the time. So, don’t give him too much credit.

If we choose to follow Christ, we’re engaged in spiritual warfare. Why? Because Satan hates that we’re followers of Christ so he’ll do whatever he can to trip us up. And while Satan has some power, he isn’t all-powerful like our great God, in fact, he’s on a short rope and actually the Bible tells us he has to ask permission from God to do anything.

God is both encouraging and hard to hear, isn’t he? If God is 100% sovereign, why does He allow Satan to cause problems! This is where our faith must engage. We’ll never grasp why God hasn’t sent Satan to his eternal home of torment, but Revelation 20:10 tells us that’s exactly what will happen to him one day.

Our spiritual enemy would love nothing more if we focus on the imperfections of others and forget that he’s even there. It’s a huge part of his strategy to lead us to think the person who offended us on the highway or the family member who treated us poorly is the enemy. Or any of this evil in the world is a persons fault. It isn’t it’s him.

Just because our spiritual enemy is constantly looking for ways to ruin our lives doesn’t mean we have to live in defeat. The one who resides in us far greater than the one who sets out to destroy us. We have some tools that we can use to protect ourselves so that we don’t fall into the traps he sets for us.

Fear is a huge trap Satan sets for us. Especially into today’s society. If he can cripple us with fear. It turns into a disastrous situation.

Satan only comes to steal, kill and destroy us. And it seems like he’s doing in the world today.

Throughout the Bible it speaks of the remnant of the church.

God’s remnant are those who acknowledge God in all their ways, even when their ways sometimes do not please God. They are the ones who always confess their sins to God while believing He is always faithful and just to forgive them of their sins and to cleanse them all righteousness.

God’s remnant are those who stand on God’s word and not on the word of man, politicians, the media. They believe God’s Word is true today, yesterday and forever. Political correctness is not part of their character.

Without this remnant we will not survive what Satan is doing in the world day.

God remnant is still alive today. Are you part of God’s Remnant?

Jesus Heals

After completing His famous sermon on the mount, Jesus came down from the mountain and a leper approached, asking to be made clean. -Matthew 8:1-4- Under the laws of the time, touching this man would have meant defilement, ceremonial uncleanliness, which required ritual purification to regain one’s place in Jewish society. Physical contact wasn’t even necessary, yet Jesus chose to touch the leper anyway, not only to heal him, but also to make him clean.

Though we may not have this man’s disease, each of us approaches God as if we’re leprous, with a sick heart in need of healing. What a joy to know that His presence and His touch cleanses, restores, and sets us free.

The leper bowed before the Lord, saying, “If You are willing, You can make me clean.” -Matthew 8: 2- Jesus stretched out His hand towards the leper and healed him. In the same way, Jesus extends His healing hands out to touch your life today. Whether it’s a physical ailment that needs healing, a relationship that needs reconciling, or a situation that needs restoring, Jesus extends His hand out to you and invites you to receive His touch.

I have to admit I never would have ever thought this was possible. But I’ve seen it in my own life, as well as others. With God all things are possible.

As you read this, do you find it easy to receive His healing hand? Are you confident that because you are in Jesus, you are worthy of God’s receiving touch! Your answer to these questions will determine how confident and comfortable you are, drawing near with your hurts, hang-ups and brokenness, and asking the great physician for His healing touch.

Today let’s remind ourselves that Jesus came to cleanse us from the disease of sin, and the brokenness in our lives. He came for you, and He came for me. Let’s renew our trust in Jesus, and remind ourselves where we have forgotten that Jesus is willing and ready, to heal our hearts, and immediately our lives will be changed.

Learning To Have Poor Eye Sight

In Genesis 27, it describes the scene where Isaac, the father, is blessing his sons. He wants to bless Esau, but Jacob comes to him in disguise and Isaac ends up blessing him because he has poor eye sight. Because of that he would bless Jacob. Now if he had good eye sight he had seen Jacob for what he was he would not have given him that blessing.

So there’s a key; in order to bless the people in your life that many would have a hard time with, you have to learn how to have “poor eye sight.” You look at them and you see all their faults, and you can’t forgive them, you can’t bless them. But, you know what? If you’re to bless them, you have to have faith not to see, but to seethe blood of Jesus.

God has chosen not to see your sins in the blood of Messiah. The eyes of your heart need poor vision so that you will see only the face of God and you will be a blessing because you are not only blessed by what you see- but by what you don’t

Develop poor eye sight for the faults, shortcomings, weakness, and sins of others.

When Jesus Says Come

A clear path in life is very rare. Problems abound. So often, if we had it our way, we would navigate our own route, bypassed the bends and backroads of life, and seek a direct, quick path to our plans.

But straight routes are rarely part of God’s navigational system in life. God’s way is often an unfamiliar path, requiring all of our faith. Think about Peter in Matthew 14 22-34. He and some of Jesus’s disciples had spent the evening with Jesus, healing miraculously feeding a crowd of over 5,000. As the disciples traveled home across the lake, a sudden storm stirred up. As the vessel (boat) struggled against the waves, the looked up and saw Jesus walking toward them on the surface of the water.

Peter called out, asking Jesus to identify Himself, and then Peter would draw near and walk on the water. Peter’s testimony of faith wasn’t simply in his feet strolling on top of the waves, but in his acceptance of an invitation to join Jesus on an unconventional path. At that moment, Peter didn’t walk on Galilee’s shallow waters where his feet could catch the shores of security. Rather, Jesus invited Peter to walk in the deep and join him there. Today that is Jesus’s invitation to us as well.

The road to Jesus often leads us on a confusing, faith ridden, meandering route on the waves of life. Rarely is it the simple path we might choose. But, just as Jesus calmed His disciples with the comfort of His presence that night, He does the same for us: Don’t be afraid, take courage, “ I am He.” Therefore, we can rest in the assurance that the one who leads our lives will never lead us where His presence won’t meet us.

When we’re tempted to rush toward plans we long to see established, when we are eager to bypass God’s unexpected routes, may we choose to quiet our fears, and press into the leaning of God, who heals our fears and holds us in the palm of His hands.