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I have had a rough life in my past, everything I tried to do, every decision I ever made was bad, my life was a disaster. Due to some really bad things that happened to me. I felt like a worthless piece of trash. I’m creating this blog so if their is someone out there, I can help them through their struggle so they won’t make the same mistakes I did. I have transformed my life into something positive and amazing just by changing some ideals. It has been a long difficult journey but I am happy I made it through now I get to reap the joy I truly deserve.

Thanksgiving Project

On November 25th, I am thankful for long baths, wine, and soft lights.

This ends the Thankful Project, if you participated take time to look back and see everything you were thankful for this month. Tomorrow Thanksgiving you have much more to be thankful that you would have realized. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Many blessings to you throughout these Beautiful Holidays and feasts.

Good People Sometimes Do Stupid Things.

Today, I managed to do something really stupid. I was in a hurry driving home after last minute shopping. And was running late, I didn’t take the time to put my seatbelt on. This is something I have been telling everyone else to do, because I lost a young friend in a accident, not wearing a seatbelt. I was pull over by a police officer. It’s a fast way to spend $100. Ugh!

I was reading this earlier and have a few laughs. Remember when you do stupid things, don’t be ashamed or angry at yourself. Look for ways to laugh at yourself. I did and even though I have a fine to pay what’s done is done. No used to cry now.

Here’s some ways indicating not being to bright things people have done that are very creative. By Preston Van Deursen. I have listed them:

He’s a few clowns short of a circus.

He’s a few fries short of a happy meal.

A few peas short of a casserole.

He doesn’t have all his cornflakes in one box.

His antenna doesn’t pick up all the channels.

His belt go through all the hoops.

His elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.

He is several cards short of a full deck.

I especially like this one because I tell that to myself, while I’m laughing.

If I had a brain, it would be very lonely.

Missing a few buttons on his remote control.

The lights are on but nobody’s home.

I’m sure you might know a few more.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we do really dumb things Why do we do things like that? Did you know there’s actually a parable Jesus talks about in the Bible? I came across this today, I’ve been studying parables in the Bible. This was Jesus’ way of teaching lessons.

A a Farmer sowed good seed in his field. But, while he was sleeping, an enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat. When the wheat spouted, the weeds also appeared. The farmers workers asked Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where did the weeds come from?

An enemy, replied the farmer. His workers asked Do you want us to go and pull them up?

The farmer relied No, because when you pull the weeds you may root up the good wheat as well. Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time we will collect the weeds and tie them in huddles to be burned- then we will gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.

The implication of the parable is clear- There are good and bad folks. The good come from God, and the bad from the devil. One day there will be a time when the good are separated from the bad.

The act of sowing weeds in another mans field as a form of revenge was common in Jesus’ day there were no laws prohibiting it. Wheat and tires look identical until they ripen, as which point the wheat heads look’s different from the weed.

Too bad though, if you turnout to be a weed, rather than wheat. That is the plain straight forward message of this parable. But, there is an issue that this parable does not address.

Some good people sometimes do stupid things. Our experience tells us that life is not as simple as this parable indicates. We are not people in white hats who always do good things and folks in Black hats who always do bad things. ( please this is not at all racial, just an example of any good or bad person in general) sometimes people in white hats sometimes make dreadful bad choices.

If your a Country music fan and know the name “George Jones.” He had an accident and was nearly killed in an automobile because he was talking on his cells phone. When the news first came out, many of his fans probably assumed that George was off the wagon again. If you listen to his music he sings about his life often.

Along with George Jones’ talents and genius comes a dark side. Jones had a reputation for wild living and self-destructive behavior. In the past he struggled with a serious addiction to alcohol and drugs. His addictions were so

His addictions were so bad that he would do literally anything to fuel his habit. At one time George was almost outwitted by his wife Tammy Wynette. To keep him away from the local bar. Tammy took George’s car keys. But George’s determination to feed his addiction won out. He hopped on his riding lawnmower and rides miles to the nearest bar. He wrote about this in all his songs. In my book that’s pretty honest if you can do stupid things and write about it for the world to hear.

Why good people allow themselves to get trapped in crazy patterns of behavior is beyond our understanding. Where does such behavior come from? Can we get of the hook by saying “The devil made me do it?” Is it genetic?

I don’t know the answer to that but we do and say stupid things. I think sometimes a have a “brain fart” and I forgot to think in that moment.

What ever happens to us, when we do something stupid, it happens to all of us. If it’s not a catastrophic event. Take time to laugh it off, it’s not worth ruining your day and life for, learn from it and move on.

What Is The Root Cause Of Our Problems

Fear is the root cause of most our problems, although it may not seem obvious at first. It’s not always self-evident how procrastination or financial and relationship problems are related to fear. The truth is, every problem we have is rooted in fear.

It’s not who you are that holds you back it’s who you think your not


We do have those problems mentioned above and why aren’t we not able to solve them?

Fear is everywhere

In relationships we fear many possible causes, for example we might feel that we’re not good enough for our partner, fearing abandonment.

We might fear not be accepted or not having control over the rest. Maybe we have trust issues we just can’t talk about them.

Financially, we often fear to change bad habits because we can’t let go of our comforts. The morning coffee shop that is so necessary in our lives but burns so much money can’t be forgotten, although everyday we might fear spending too much and getting addicted to shopping and not getting out of it.

Shopping addiction is often caused by anxiety, meaning that we might fear our appearance not being good enough or just wishing for our life to be better than it currently is. We fear not being accepted in society, many people are afraid of being judged if they have less than others, whether it is a car or the house or clothes.

I definitely have a shopping addiction, although I have improved to the way I used to be. Before I would have to have a new outfit every few days. Pants, a shirt and boots. Although the addiction is still here, I am able to walk into a store and get exactly what I need ( most of the time.

Procrastination is caused because we fear failure.

Following your dreams and goals can be discomforting. It takes a lot of time and hard work to get where you want to be. As the brain tends to be scared of potential failure, it prefers tasks that are more comfortable and easy to do, likely scrolling through social media or checking e-mails, because for one part, it’s entertainment which makes us feel good, also it reduces stress and fear of missing out on something important.

There’s other thinks we also fear because of simulation reasons- we done like to start exercising, because it is tiring and uncomfortable, also it means spending that we could use on entertainment-by social media or watching TV.

Would about doing the things we love-many people haven’t committed to trying something new, because they fear failing or think their not good enough.

Fear is everywhere, so being able to seek discomfort and learn to be more fearless, open up to many more opportunities in our lives.

The Art Of Dealing With the Fear.

Fear is viewed as an enemy – as something that is holding us back and being the reason that fear is there to defeat us and the extraordinary are able to defeat it.

I used to fear everything, taking my children to their activities, from baseball to bowling, and swimming, or to school events. My children did everything alone, because I feared being talked about or judged. The times

The times I would go, but stand or sitting behind the scenes so I could make a fast get away. Then one day I realized I was doing the same thing my mother did to me. I started going to every event to show my support in what they were involved with.

Fear is a part of us, there is no way we can destroy fear, so what we have to do is to welcome fear with open arms. It’s part of us and will be forever, so instead of viewing fear as an enemy, stopping yourself from embracing the change, view it as a friend and let fear drive you to extensive heights.

So what can we do to make friends with fear?

We need to accept fear. Fear is our best friend, it has always been a part of us human and will never go away. Accept it and don’t even think of trying to destroy it.

We need to be aware of fear. When we look into fear it might show us the solution to our problems, so finding out what is stopping you , what we’re scared of and looking into what we can actually do to overcome and prevent it and prevent it is the future.

Think about your fear.

What is it your fearing? What is the worst case scenario? Will you be okay? Giving you a little bit of space to think about it, for example going for a walk by yourself, praying, some people do meditation to think about their fears.

We need to be grateful to fear. Being grateful to fears shows us who we are and what life really is to us. This teaches us to appreciate us to appreciate ourselves. We have to be grateful for the possibilities we have in this moment. Instead of see everything as an opportunity-hard work is a opportunity to create or do good in this world and you will do more good than harm, Change is always a opportunity to grow and learn and it should always be embraced. If we don’t want to end up being the same person for decades.

Fear teaches success, without fear, we wouldn’t have success. If there’s no ideal we would fear failure. Fear is good to keep you going and accepting yourself. With out fear, there is no meaning behind success.

I lived close to 40 years living in fear. Not wanting to change anything, and just accepting my life was going to be a poor excuse and I was too. When I decided to step out, things began to change for the better, I realized I could be happy and blessed. I now try every opportunity that seems for a good cause. Your not going to find out what you like if you don’t try it. I now use fear as excitement.

Learning to deal with fear is a long process that involves many characteristics, as we will learn to become more aware and accepting. We need to find gratitude, but we also need to be able to see the pain, otherwise we will never have a ideal version of ourselves to work up to.

The more we embrace fear the more we’ll be able to handle it. It’s a matter of practice, and seeking discomfort can be learned and thought.

Accepting our fears and working with them as necessary, if we let it stop us, we will be the ones that suffer.

Are You Planting The Kind Of Life You Want To Grow?

Be careful, you reap what you sow. I have heard this all my life, and for along time I thought it was a superstition.

Now it is a reminder to watch what I say and do. Everything always has a way of returning to you.

If I sow bad behavior, I get bad consequences. If I sow good behavior, I get good consequences. The concept is simple enough right? But what if there’s something deeper than behavior in the concept?

Jesus’ audience was all too familiar with this principle. Their lives revolved around the law of sowing and reaping because they depended on farming to survive. A farmer sows, or plants a certain seed and expects to get that same type of plant in return.

Jesus talked about sowing and reaping as an allegory- a story with in a hidden meaning. Scripture uses the picture of a farmer who plants a seed expecting something to grow as a way to show that our daily decisions and actions also have a definite return.

Sowing is Spiritual

In Galatians 6 8-9, Paul explains that sowing is the start of the battle for our hearts:

Whoever sows to please the flash, from flesh they will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap enteral life. We shouldn’t become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Our lives will reflect what we plant in our hearts. We can sow in one of two way’s and the decision is ours.

I remember something that happened to my son when he was younger, everything Job he ever had he complain about to everyone about how ignorant his boss was, or mean to the employees. One day he would just quit going to work. We live in a small town. My advice to him if you can’t hold on to job because of your attitude. The word was going to get around and your not going to find a boss that’s going to give to a chance. Don’t burn your bridges.

Finally when no one would hire him. He met a girlfriend going to college, he decided to go to college that went well for about a year. And they both dropped out and moved away. Slowly but surely he started this same work behavior. He finally realized he WAS burning his bridges. He decided he needed to straighten up. Now he has a successful career.

The point is everything you do or say comes back to you. I was a hateful, rude, arrogant person when I was younger. Then I expected the same people that got the brunt of my hate to be polite and respectful towards me, that wasn’t how it worked.

It wasn’t until I chose how to love pepole, that my life started to go right.

When we sow to please God, we are doing something that will be beneficial. When our decisions and actions are done out of obedience to God and His Word- like loving a friend well or practicing generosity and hospitality-we will receive a blessing that far outlives this life.

But when our thoughts and actions are led by our sinful nature, we are not pleasing God, or anyone else around us. We are actually pleasing Satan. When sin guides our lives, we will be sow into a destructive further.

The Bible teaches us another important Pringle in farming in Galatians 6:7 about reaping what you sow.

A farmer sows a mustard seed, and in return a mustard plant grows. A farmer would never plant a mustard seed with the expectation of growing a watermelon vine. Likewise, we can expect our thoughts and actions to produce fruit with their kind. For example, if our actions are pleasing to God and we love those around us, we can expect to see love blossom while we experience love ourselves.

Like the laws of nature, the reverse is also true. We cannot expect to experience all the good things God has for us in life if we never following His instruction. If we sow sin and unhealthy patterns, we can expect to experience their consequences.

What seeds are you sowing today? Are we aware that our thoughts and actions have temporary and eternal consequences, both positive and negative.

Reaping is Plentiful

A farmer plants a tine sees and over time that seed produces a plant. The plant is towering when compared to the size of the seed. The farmer reaps a sizable benefit in comparison to what he has sown.

In Matthew 13:8, Jesus said the same principle applies when we receive His word with a willing heart. When our hearts are positioned to obey and follow Jesus, He is able to multiply His work in us to create a harvest beyond what we could imagine.

A few years ago the pastor of our church preached on sowing seeds. He told us to find something in our life that needed to grow, I chose my relationship with my children, then I prayed to God and asked Him to help my sowing to grow. Pastor said the God would put in fertile ground and we needed to water it. Which meant to pray over it often and believe without a doubt it would grow. When I did, after about 8 months my children became more kind to me, my son started calling me every week. My daughter would some over and sit and talk to me instead of just rushing to see her dad.

We plant seeds that are pleasing to God, pray about them often and God does the rest. When we are generous with he has given, He meets our needs and then some. And when we love those around us well, we will never see the ripples end because of His miraculous multiplication.

Freely given freely give. If God has blessed you with extra food, then freely give someone else in need of food. Or anything else. God helps us so may help others.

Are You Playing Games With God?

There are Board Games: Monopoly, Trouble, Operation, Chutes and Ladders, Risk, Poker, Bingo, and many more. Then there’s a crowd or party games where singles or group of people can win.

But we must be careful not to carry out our tendency of gaming over to God or the things of God. Yet playing with God is nothing new. Listen to what God says: In Isaiah 1: 13-17 Quit your worship charades. I can’t stand your trivial religious GAMES. I’m sick of your religion, religion, religion, while you go right on sinning. When you put on a prayer-performance, I’ll be looking the other way. No matter how long or load of often you pray, ill not be listening.

We all have played with God. It’s what’s probably what’s wrong with our nation today. I want to share a specific time I played with God, I have repented and I know I was forgiven, but from time to time I have conviction in my heart. I was going to a Bingo game one day, (if you read my blog you know Bingo games is my worst temptation). I got to the Game and the caller told everyone that the final game was blackout and we could win $200, if we won that game. I actually prayed to God to let me win, I bargained with him. If I won the $200, I would tithe 30% with my winnings. Surprisingly I won the $200 and I did pay an extra 30% tithe.

Yes, some people will think it was no big deal. I had to repent from that act and get right will God. Many people thing religion is nothing than a game to be played.

What are some of the games people play:

Let’s make a deal, this was a game show where people dress crazy and act nuts. Contestants are offered a deal and had to figure out if it’s better than what they already had.

It happens in real life, we are hit with a financial disaster a rebellious child, or we did something stupid and now we don’t have a way out, and we’re ready to makes deal; with God if your get my child of drugs then I will——-. God , if you get the creditors off my back or save my marriage, then I will——-.

Bargaining.p is trying to get God to do something for us in exchange for something we would do, ( I’ll quit drinking, I’ll quit gambling, I’ll start going to church regularly, I’ll start tithing.

Jacob in Genesis 28: 20-24 wanted to cut a deal with God; if you take care of me, I’ll pay my tithes, God does respond to faith if we seek Him, but wrong motives or still wrong motives.

The sad thing ism the bargaining chip we use are things we ought to be doing anyway. What people don’t know is that God doesn’t bargain; His promises are all written down in contract form. When we start meeting the requirements, the blessing s start flowing.

I know a man who got saved so he could date a Godly woman. Got got the last laugh when she ended up moving away and he stayed saved. He had wrong motives, but God worked it out for good.

Guesstures/Charades: object, you assume an identity, then you ask others to identify who you’re impersonating.

Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8:13, 20-21. He pretended he was a believer in Jesus. He got baptized and started attending church. But his true colors came out when he offered Peter money to give him the lower to work miracles. Peter exposed his false motives: he was only impersonating believers.

When we play with God by using our own rules we become compliant with what we want, instead of what God wants.

Conformity-vs-Compliance, compliance involves people going along with instructions of life. Conformity involves people adhering to unspoken rules, we comply with people’s requests because we like to be seen as helpful.

Many times people don’t follow the rules or the law and disaster strikes. People don’t realize laws and rules were put there to save us from ourselves. I often think if we followed the laws in the Bible, or in Society what a better world it would be.

God Bless All who read my blog, we need to strive to become better than we were yesterday.