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I have had a rough life in my past, everything I tried to do, every decision I ever made was bad, my life was a disaster. Due to some really bad things that happened to me. I felt like a worthless piece of trash. I’m creating this blog so if their is someone out there, I can help them through their struggle so they won’t make the same mistakes I did. I have transformed my life into something positive and amazing just by changing some ideals. It has been a long difficult journey but I am happy I made it through now I get to reap the joy I truly deserve.

Low Clouds

I am feeling like a wall of Clouds is up today for me. I know it is a difficult time for every one. This Coronavirus and staying home is wearing me thin. I want to be out there helping people who need it. I feel like I am wasting good time on nothing. I am relying on this statement to get me through. Quarantine is in the Bible Isaiah 26:20, Go into your house, my people and shut the door behind you. Hide yourselves for a little while until Gods anger is over.

Feeling Alone

I’m sure all of us have felt this way in our lifetime.

I’ve been stabbed in the back by those I needed most. I’ve been lied to by those who I’ve loved and I have felt alone when I couldn’t afford to be but at the end of the day. I had to learn to be my own best friend because, there’s going to be days where no-one is going to be there for me, but me.

Stop trying to work things out

Stop trying to work things out before their time has come. Accept the limitations of living one day at a time. When something comes to your attention decide if it on your agenda for that day, is it something you have to do today. If it isn’t wait.

Everyday day write a to do list, set a goal for getting what you need to do today, If you don’t get your list accomplished don’t beat yourself up about it. Put it on your to do list tomorrow. This will help in setting goals for yourself and keep your mind busy so you have less time for negative thoughts. Remember we all have things we don’t want to do, just get it done and get it out of the way, so you can start doing the more pleasant things. On your to do list add something you truly Love to do. Always make time for you.

Unexpected Blessings

I was walking out my door this morning heading to the grocery store, I received a phone call it was the neighbor asking if I could come sit with her awhile. I automatically thought this is going to ruin my day. Turns out I was blessed by it. Good conversation and talking about my beloved Lord. I was helping her and I was blessed by it, you cannot ask for anything better. When I left I headed to the grocery store and I found myself helping a stranger another blessing I told him to have a good day he replied Thank a You Kathy. I was like WoW I didn’t know him but he knew me. It’s a great feeling when you think you’re helping a stranger and it turns out he knows you. I have a terrible memory due to past experiences in my life. But again I was Blessed. My advice is to be selfless instead of selfish. It makes for unexpected Blessing. And Great days to know you are appreciated. Be Happy with who you are not what others say you are. Blessings to you today and everyday.