Ask yourself

How many times have you said something to someone and then thought. I shouldn’t have said that or wish you could take it back. Unfortunately there are no do overs in communication once it’s said it’s out there we can’t reel it back in like it didn’t happened.

Avoiding saying things and you could stop a lot of unnecessary pain. Before you speak ask yourself these five questions. Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? If you cannot answer yes to these questions don’t let it come out of your mouth.

The Rear View Mirror

Even though there are days I wish I could change some things that happened in the past. There‘s a reason the rear view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big. Where you are headed is so much more important than what you left behind.

Drive in Drive out.

Pity Parties

Think about this. You are having this because someone or something upset you and you are upset. Why are you suffering for something someone else did to you. No one is going to live your life for you, you have to do it yourself, whether you rich or poor, out of money or raking it in.The beneficiary or ridiculous fortune or terrible injustice. You have to do it no matter no matter what is true.

No matter what is hard, no matter what is unjust, sad, sucky things befell you. Self-Pity is a dead end. You make the choice to drive down that road. It is up to you to decide to stay parked there or to turn around and drive out.


You have a choice to let what you’re going through change you for better or worse. Choose to let it sharpen you, choose to get better. Not everybody will understand your changes, moves, or decisions but trust what’s in your heart and be willing to work until it manifests in your life, regardless of who gets it. Give yourself permission to appreciate how divine and necessary your presence is in this world. Shine your light intentionally and unapologetically.

Don’t Complain

When you Complain, you make yourself a victim. You have only 3 options leave the situation, change the situation, or accept it and live with it.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is very beneficial for our health, it gets rid of any paranoia and negative thoughts that can cause depression and stress. Positive thought de- stresses the mind and prevents stress hormones from being released thus damaging your physical and mental heath.