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Breathe Before You Speak

This strategy has a remarkable result for everyone. Yet it’s seldom thought about.

With almost immediate results it includes increased patience, added perspective, and the added benefit of gratitude and respect for others.

The strategy is simple. It involves nothing more than pausing-breathing after the person finishes speaking. At first, the time between your voices may seem like an eternity but the reality is only a matter of a second of actual time. We can get used to the power of breathing and learn to appreciate it as well. All it takes is intention and practice.

If you observe the conversations around you, you’ll notice that when we wait for a chance to speak. We’re really listening to the other person but waiting for an opening to express our point of view.

I do this all the time, for me, it brings the thought that people don’t care about you. Or what you have to say.

It seems like we are spurring back and forth like fighters rather than enjoying or learning from the conversation. Sometimes with our poor listening skills, it’s a miracle that we have any friends at all.

I spent most of my life waiting for my turn to speak. I have felt like people have no respect for me or care what I have to say. Or people think I’m stupid. Of course, these are just feelings.