What is it like to be deaf?

I’ve always has wondered this. What is it like to be deaf?

I’m writing on this subject because I have a wonderful friend who is deaf. I do not know how to sign.

About 20 years ago I was diagnosed with hereditary otosclerosis. It is progressive hereditary disease the gets worse over time. The Audiologist told me I be completely deaf by the age of 50. I am 53 and last week my hearing got increasing worse within a few days. I went to being about to hear low tones to nothing at all. I am very nervous because my entire work process as well as my home situation will be altered.

Are you hearing? If yes have you ever imagined what it’s like to have hearing loss, I mean complete hearing loss?

It’s like being very isolated even though you are in the same room with someone. I attempted to work at the recovery center last week. I almost broke down in tears. People would call the center. I could see the red light blinking but I couldn’t hear anything that they were speaking. I have to keep asking them to speak up, I was petrified I could do my job.

When the work day was done, I got in my car and I didn’t even know if my car started. I was living in complete silence.

There is no background noise in which I am so used to. I realized how alone I felt.

As the day goes on there was no chatter, or laughing. I as alone with my own thought as they took over.

It made me paranoid and very self-conscious.

I went to church this morning, I didn’t enjoy singing the worship songs. I could only here my own voice inside my head. I am usually a very high spirited talkative person. But I felt completely alone and devastated.

I still have hope God will come through and fix by healing my ears. My hope and faith need to be in God right now, or I will go crazy handling this on my own.

So I wait as patiently for God to heal my ears. I have believe in God nearly all my life. And I’m not going to stop now.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the audiologist. Today I’m praying for God’s hands to heal me.

Hear are some things I would personally miss if my hearing is lost:

  • Music
  • Birds singing
  • The radio
  • Voices
  • The Sound of the ocean
  • Phone calls
  • My cat purring
  • Having a talk with my husband

Hearing loss is an invisible disability. People don’t often think about the emotional and psychological impact that hearing loss can have on deaf individuals.