Unexpected Blessings

I was walking out my door this morning heading to the grocery store, I received a phone call it was the neighbor asking if I could come sit with her awhile. I automatically thought this is going to ruin my day. Turns out I was blessed by it. Good conversation and talking about my beloved Lord. I was helping her and I was blessed by it, you cannot ask for anything better. When I left I headed to the grocery store and I found myself helping a stranger another blessing I told him to have a good day he replied Thank a You Kathy. I was like WoW I didn’t know him but he knew me. It’s a great feeling when you think you’re helping a stranger and it turns out he knows you. I have a terrible memory due to past experiences in my life. But again I was Blessed. My advice is to be selfless instead of selfish. It makes for unexpected Blessing. And Great days to know you are appreciated. Be Happy with who you are not what others say you are. Blessings to you today and everyday.

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