My story

Growing up was sometimes difficult, as the last child born. My mother have me at 39. I was always told I was a accident. Everything I was trying to do I was told can’t you do anything right. I remember going to the bathroom and trying to turn on the light but I couldn’t reach it. My mother seen me and told me you are useless you can’t even turn on a light. Things got worse from that point. I was told I was stupid, ugly, and I would never amount to anything. I believed what my mother said was true. After a few visits to the State hospital and a couple times trying to end my life. I realized that maybe God had a purpose for my life. But I didn’t now what. I just knew I couldn’t live like that any longer. I changed the doctors I was going to and I managed to find good ones. After years and years of appointments I finally was doing better, it’s hard to say that finally forgave my mother for me not for her. I will never forget. I realized I had to win this battle, I was not going to let her win. What she did to me was her sin not my sin, so why was I suffering for her sin, I did nothing wrong she did. I tell you don’t suffer for something you didn’t do, forgive yourself and move on.

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