How to stay positive with Chronic Pain

Focus on your thoughts so you can reframe them as needed. Practice recognizing it any time you’re thinking of something that might be changing your positive spirits. Once you recognize patterns of negative thoughts, you can change these into positive thoughts and continue your day in a positive way.

Instead of “I’m a failure,” try “I’m doing the best I can right now.”

Instead of “I’m unable to do so many things,” remind yourself “I’m making good progress, and I’ve been able to spend time being there for someone. While it’s normal to get frustrated, I need to remember it’s not hopeless.”

Instead of “ I’m doomed to live like this forever,” try “While permanent problems are no fun, I’m making the best of my situation, and I will keep doing so.”

Instead of “ I’m a burden to my family,” say “I’m grateful for how supportive and help my family is. I give back to them in my own way.”

Praise yourself. Be happy about what you’ve achieved so far each day. Weather that’s putting your socks on or changing into pajamas, that me be a big step for you, so be proud of yourself.

Don’t stress about what you haven’t achieved yet. When you feel up to it you’ll continue your tasks. Not everything needs to done at once.

Relax. Sometimes you can start to feel negative if your feeling stressed or anxious. Take a few minutes to stop and take a break. Try some breathing exercises to help you get back to staying positive.

Give yourself time to feel your feelings. It’s okay not to be happy all the time. You’re allowed to experience emotions like sadness, frustration, worry, and anything else that might go through your head. Instead of suppressing your difficult feelings, take time to recognize and address them.

Hang out with family and friends. Having a distraction to desert your mind from negative thoughts is a great way to keep you feeling positive especially on rough days.

Even going out to dinner is a great way to keep positive and have some fun or having dinner at home.

Continue to do your favorite activities. Continuing with existing hobbies or other activities, as much as your pain allows, will help you stay positive through the enjoyment of doing them. Hobbies can also build up your self-esteem to help you keep a positive outlook on life.

Open up to someone you love. It’s natural to feel upset sometimes. Find a good listener and tell them how you feel. They can offer a listening ear and comfort you. Jut like you would want your love ones to come to you if they are feeding overwhelmed by a problem, you can count on them. If you aren’t sure if it’s a good time ask Hey, I’ve been feeling kind of down and I need to vent. Is now a good time.

Join a support group for people with chronic pain. Support groups are a great way to share how you are feeling with others who may be feeling a similar way. Others may be able to share techniques that they use to manage thoughts and help you to overcome feeling negative about yourself.

Talk to your doctor about your negative thoughts the doctor may be able to prescribe you something o give you more suited advice for staying positive while living with chronic pain. Remember get help immediately if you feel suicidal.

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