Are you a Tigger or a Eeyore?

Has everyone heard of Winnie the Pooh.

I often think about the difficult dynamic between Tigger and Eeyore. This is a major insight for me. Still sometimes thinking who will I wake up as In the morning Tigger or Eeyore.

Sometimes we are annoyed by excessively cheery people or extremely gloomy people. Parts one or two. Evolving ideas about how people react to react to pronounced positivity or negativity. I’ve been trying to understand what happens when a “Tigger” and a Eeyore” clash, which seems to be a common happiness hurtle.

If you are a Tigger you say things like…

Happiness is a choice

Look on the bright side


Fake it til you make it

Tiggers believe that their point of view is more socially valuable, more thoughtful, more realistic, and more morally admirable that that of Eeyores. They look for the good in every situation, in every person.

If your an Eeyore you say things like…

No one can be cheerful all the time. It’s fake.

Thinking the glass is always half full isn’t realistic. It’s elf-deception.

If someone asks me “How are You?” I’m going to tell them the truth, even if people don’t want an honest answer.

Authenticity is important to me. I hate phonies.

Eeyores believe that their point of view is more socially valuable, more valuable, more thoughtful, more realistic, and more real admirable than that of Tiggers.

Tensions arise when a Tiggers and a Eeyores strive to convert each other. The more they try to convince each other to adapt a different perspective, the more the other resists. Tiggers fear being dragged down by the Eeyores, and the Eeyores fear resentful and irritated by the Tiggers insistent cheer.

Earlier I wrote an article on Being around people who were headed in the direction you wanted your life to go. This is exactly what I meant. I’m not stating either one of these personalities are wrong one just has to chose the direction you want your life to go and stay on that path and build your future according.

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