Today all the salons and dog groomers are open and restaurants are open by reservation only. Masks are usual attire to wear. It’s funny how some people just adjust to bad situations and move on and others don’t do so well.

Being Positive in bad times is good. But, What did we realize through all this. We cannot function without love, we all need some type of social activity daily. The people I our daily lives can pass away very quickly so we must value them while we have them. The entire world (universe) is connected in some way or another. How easily we could lose the things we take for granted every moment.

Every person on this earth is valuable, even if you don’t see value in them some, someone does. Remember that. Even if you don’t like them as a person there is something you might like about the. Learning to look for the good in something or someone you don’t like is a test. But, when you pass it’s a valuable lesson.

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