Examples of Negative Emotions

Anger- Ever have someone tell you no to something you want? Of course we all have. How does it make you feel? Does it make your blood begin to boil, your temperature rise and do you see red? This is commonly how anger is described. Your body is reacting to hinges not going your way, and it’s an attempt to try and rectify that.

Once when we’re angry we’ll shout, our face will register our anger and we may even throw thing’s around. We’re trying to get our own way we can think how if you’re often reacting to scenarios in this way, it’s a good idea to explore why and come up with more positive strategies.

Annoyance- Do you have a relative or co-worker that talks to loudly? Does your partner always leave dirty dishes in the sink? Though we may like our co-worker and love our partners these behaviors can make us feel annoyed. Annoyance is a weaker form of anger. While it’s not as intense as anger, it’s the result of a similar thought process. Something has happened or someone is doing something you wish they wouldn’t. And you have no control over it.

Fear- it is often cited as one of the core basic emotions, and that’s because it’s linked with our sense of self-preservation, it’s an evolved response to warn us about dangerous situations, unexpected obstacles or failures. We don’t feel fear in order to feel distressed, on the contrary, it’s thereto help us navigate potential danger successfully. Embracing the emotion of fear and exploring why it arises can help you prepare yourself proactively to tackle challenges.

Anxiety- much like fear, anxiety seems to warn us about potential threats and dangers. It’s often seen as a negative emotion as it’s though of having an anxious disposition impairs judgement and our inability to act. It’s our fight or flight response when is our body’s sympathetic nervous system is activated due to the sudden release of hormones in the face of something frightening. Your heart beats faster you begin breathing faster and your entire body becomes tense and becomes ready to take action.

Sadness- when you miss a deadline, get a bad grade, or don’t secure that job you had been hoping you would get, you’ll probably be sad. Sadness happens when we are dissatisfied with ourselves, our achievements or the behavior of someone else around us. Sadness can be good to experience as it indicates to us that we are passionate about something. It can be a great catalyst to pursue change.

Guilt-is a complex emotion. We can feel this in relation to ourselves and past behaviors that we wish hadn’t happened. But also in relation to how our behavior impacts those around us. Guilt is often referred to as a moral emotion and can be another strong catalyst to encourage us to make changes in our life.

Apathy- like guilt can be a complex emotion. If you’ve lost enthusiasm, motivation or interest in the things you’ve previously enjoyed, this could be related to apathy. Like anger, it can arise when we lose control over a scenario or situation but instead of becoming angry we pursue a more passive-aggressive expression of rebellion.

Despair- Ever try to achieve a certain task or goal multiple times and not succeed? Did that make you feel like throwing your hands in the air, and camping out in bed with a large tub of ice cream and crying for hours. That’s despair and it’s an emotion that arises when we aren’t getting the results we want. Despair gives us an excuse to give up on our desired goals and it comes back to a self-preservation tactic. Despair can actually be a useful reminder to take a break and restore, before continuing to pursue a challenging goal.



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