What does a boundary look like?

Invisible Property Lines and Responsibility- in the physical world boundaries are easy to see. Fences, signs, walls, moats with alligators, manicured lawns, or hedges are all physical boundaries. In there differing appearances, they give the same message: this is where my property begins. The owner of the property is legally responsible for what happens on his or her property. Non-owners are not responsible for the property.

Physical boundaries mark a visible property line that someone holds the deed to. You can go to the county courthouse and find out exactly where those boundaries or responsibility are and whom to call if you have business there.

In a spiritual world, boundaries are just as real, but often harder to see. The goal here is to define intangible boundaries and to recognize them as an everpresent reality, these boundaries define your soul, and they help you guard it and maintain it. (Prob. 4; 23)

Me and not me

Boundaries define us. They define what is me and what is not me. A boundary shows me where I end and someone else begins, leading me to a sense of ownership.

Knowing what I am to own and take responsibility for gives me freedom. I know where my yard begins and ends. I am free to do with it what I like. Taking responsibility for my life opens up many different options. However, if I do not own my life, my choices and options become very limited.

Think how confusing it would be if someone told you to guard this property diligently, because I will hold you responsible for what happens here, and then did not tell you the boundaries of the property or they did not give you the means in which to protect the property? This would be confusing but also potentially dangerous.

This is what happens to us emotionally and spiritually, however. God designed a world where we all live within ourselves, that is inhabit our own souls and we are responsible for the things that make up “us”. The heart knows it’s own bitterness, and no one shares it’s joy (Prov 14; 10). We have to deal with what’s in our soul, boundaries help us define what it is. It we are not shown the parameters, or taught wrong parameters we are in mouth pain.

I will write more on this subject later.

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