The Power of Being Underestimated.

Adversity is a crazy thing. It comes in many forms, and at some point in your life- you will have to find ways to overcome it.

Think of the last time the odds were against you. Maybe you were considered a underdog in a event, or you were told that your goals in life are unrealistic.

Whatever the case may be, the only thing that important is how you overcome these problems.

Some people thrive on adversity and use it to fuel success, or there are those who can’t carry their own weight and let it bring them down. I was one who couldn’t carry my own weight I was so broken, I didn’t care about anyone or anything. I had nothing to prove. I only wanted to sleep and eat. Now facing adversity and being underestimated is one of best ways to reach success.

There’s comes a point when you don’t care like you have to prove yourself to anyone.

If someone underestimates you that is the best time to shine. Prove them wrong do it. If they say something like “you can’t even go anywhere alone. Doing things alone is sometimes a great experience. Go to another town or state. You get to go to places where you want to go. Tell people hello even if you don’t feel like it, test your waters, and see how it feels. I throughly love going places alone and letting myself go there is no pressure on you to act the way other people thinks you should. Eat where you want to eat, choose a hotel that you want to stay in, no one puts a timer on you stay as long as you want to pressure. To me that’s the best retreat to just relax and let go.

One of the best opportunities you can be given in life os to be underestimated.

When you think about this quote and tie it together with your own experiences, I think you will find it to be true.

Think about a time when you were underestimated, and try to remember how you took advantage of that opportunity.

Inspire yourself to be the best of what you can be, show it’s possible to be successful no matter what happens to you-good or bad.

Sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.

When I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Bladder Cancer. I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit in my bladder. After my surgery the Doctor told me I had about a year to live. I was devastated. My Husband and Son quit smoking, my father quit smoking when he was 72 because of me. I had never smoked a day in my life. The cancer I had the doctors told me was caused by second hand smoke. My family was trying to protect me. I had my entire church praying for me. I had to have Chemo Spray put up inside me every week for about 8 months. During this timeI decided I was not going to let this evil disease take my life. I needed a miracle and fast. After telling myself and everyone I came in contact with I was being healed in Jesus Name. The Doctor would just tell me I was in remission, I told him no I was healed. After a few scopes there was no cancer I was healed. That was 9 years ago. No one can tell me that I’m crazy or there are no such thing as miracles. I lived it I know.

That’s my “don’t underestimate me” story.

Remember that you are going to die, in the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have to have something to lose.

Listen, being underestimated can be a great thing for you. Having doubts thrown at you and your ideals questioned are all good things.

But, there’s so much more to it. Thriving off of pure negativity is bad for you and what you set out to do.

If we face more negative reactions than positive, you may want to sit back and think about what you are doing. As powerful as negativity can be to help you, it only goes so far until it starts hurting you.

It’s important to never forget to have supportive relationships with others. The people you surround yourself with are the ones who will make of break you as a person.

When I had cancer, I’d look in the mirror everyday and ask myself “if today was my last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And when the answer was No for too many days in a row. I knew I needed to change something.

If you cannot get yourself motivated then how can you expect someone else to?

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