Angels are being of Love and Light, who can guide you and assist you in all areas of life!

Many people are unaware the Angels exist. Have you ever been saved by the skin of your teeth, a bad accident in when you should have died. Or almost been a car wreck but missed the other car or going of the cliff only to have the car stop inches away before you went off.

This was an angel protecting you. Some people see them, so people don’t even know there around us.

If you are passionate about sharing s the empowering and the incredible love frequency possible through directly connecting with the angelic realm.

Connecting with angelic being of light can help you to reunite with your inner light and soul power of the being you authentically are.

One day when children were in jr.-high decided to take a nap before they come home. By the time they came home and came in to my room. I was not breathing I was clinically dead. Yet I could see everything going on around as my body was laying there.

My daughter called 911( the emergency hotline). This last thing I remembered was being in ICU three days later. The Doctor told me I had died three time and was brought back to life. I was astounded it was unbelievable I could die a total of three times and still be here.

I didn’t believe in Angels or anything of that nature. So why did it happen? To this day I still don’t know. My only exclamation is that there were angels watching of me. A filling with unconditional love and high vibrational energy of the Divine and Angelic Realms.

Finally, I realized maybe I was here for a reason. I had a purpose for being here. Since then I have tried to find that purpose.

In my life I have tried to take my life more times than I dare to say. I have overdosed on insulin take 2-4 times as much than I was currently taking, I have taken drugs, prescription pills , and alcohol together. I prayed to be dead in the morning. I was always awake the next morning.

I should have been dead many times over, but every time at I was alive. I was still depressed, and wanted to leave this world. I didn’t understand why I was still alive.

I have helped people overcome situations that they thought were impossible. I alway am kind to everyone.

We were put on this earth as equals, we all bleed the same color.we all came from dust and that’s where we will all leave.

I know there is a spiritual realm out there, and we all have a purpose here on earth. I do not think this is the last place we will end up. There is more out there. We just have to be more aware of our surroundings. And not walk-in the dead zone. With our faces looking down at the ground, or planted in our phone all day everyday.