Never Discredit Your Gut Instinct

This Seems Dangerous.

Our gut has a tendency to let us know when something isn’t right, and it’s wise to listen.

Your intuition call upon every life lesson you’ve even had in this life and helps you make an informed decision. If something doesn’t seen safe, if you feel like it could become dangerous, don’t do it.

This Feels Right.

You’ll experience this a lot in your life. You’ll get this fee on a date, buying a

I’m a Natural at This!

I remember the first time I ever wrote a essay I was 10 in a English class. My teacher recognized I had a knack for it.

One of my regrets is not writing a book. It’s a gut instinct I haven’t followed. It’s been on my mind for years. I know I need to get started and prepare myself to deal with some pretty horrible memories I my life.

I Need and to Stop and Help this Person.

There might be a time when you see a person in need and even thought it won’t so anything to serve you, you just know the need help.

Maybe it’s someone walking on a cold day. Or someone who just got into a car accident. Even if someone has told you, don’t talk or pick up strangers. Don’t hesitate to stop and help if your gut is telling you to. You will be blessed.

I Don’t Feel Right.

If you’re feeling drained, depressed, tired, and sickly, don’t ignore it.

Your body has ways of telling you when you’re not well and need to visit a doctor. If your instincts say go to the doctor. You better go. When I knew something was wrong with my stomach. And I went to the emergency room. The doctor ordered a scan and ultrasound. Which told them I had a mass in my bladder, but I needed to go to my primary care doctor in 6-8 weeks. My gut instinct told e I’d better get there sooner than that.

I made a appointment and got in as soon as I could. The tests revealed I was in Stage 3 bladder cancer. The next week I was having surgery to remove a grapefruit size tumor out of my bladder. If I had waited the tumor would have grown and It could have been much worse.

Do you want to stress less, sleep better, and feel abundantly happier..without drugs or anything crazy.

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