Learning Slowly That Not Everything In Life That Annoys Me Warrants A Reaction.

I have learned slowly that not everything requires A reaction. So many times I have let little and big things drain me. When I was aggravated by something.

I let it eat me up inside to the point of no return. I over thought things, I thought about it backwards and sideways about it.

When something hurt me or offended me. I would immediately react to it as thought someone had flipped my switch on my attitude. It was light a huge black cloud would overtake me, my entire day.

I verbally spewed the things at consumed me. Over and over to anyone that would listen. My entire life would be disrupted and end all my happiness.

I didn’t want to be the woman who got angry on a whim, who let life get under her skin and drive her crazy.

It was not only unhealthy for a depressed, lonely person but it put a bad vibe around the people who didn’t want to be around me.

I learned that everything in life that upset me denied a disruption on my energy. Everything in my life didn’t need a reaction. It was allowing negative energy and was allowing other people and situations to have power to bring me down and ruin my life.

It was like allowing someone to live in my mind, just because they Did something to tick me off.

I was reacting to everything people did wrong and will not do right to just make me angrier.

Instead of complaining, yelling or reacting to situations that upset me. I learned to rise about it, when I would take it all in. I realized that whatever happens it’s annoying I needed to let go, let it rolls off my shoulder like the water off a ducks back. I stopped burdening myself with what other people would do or say that wasn’t right.

In life people tend to think your a doormat, easy to walk all over and easy to take advantage of.

Reacting to everything in life won’t change what has happened and to won’t make people love you anymore than they do. It will not fix the situation, it only drains you of peace. It will allow you to sink below the surface and weight you down with weights around you ankles.

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