You Don’t Have To Particulate In The Drama People Create.

Just because someone invites you to drama does not mean you have to attend.

This is true statement. But not frequently followed.

How many times have you been drawn into someone else’s drama?

How many times do you get involved with other people’s problems or negative thinking?

How many times have to felt your being manipulated by the drama people create?

How many times have you let other people upset you or feel drained by someone else’s drama?

How many times have you gotten so involved that you say things you shouldn’t, when you’re forced into emotional situations?

Each time you tell yourself that you won’t get involved is such a situation anymore, but yet you get involved again.

It’s like our emotions feed off someone else’s drama.

Next time someone is telling you about their problems, sharing their negative though, worries or fears, or just criticizing or manipulating you, wait a moment before reacting.

You definitely owe it to yourself, not to let anyone manipulate you, or make you feel bad.

Stop for a moment and think.

Are you willing to participate in this drama?

Are you willing to spend so much energy on someone else?

Would you it be benefited by this drama?

You can refuse to attend someone else’s pity party. If you refuse, if you can’t refuse, consider developing willpower and self-discipline. So that you become stronger and more assertive.

I have learned to be a good listener, but my goal is to lift someone up, not let them drag you down with them..

I don’t like indifference and not caring for other people. You can be a loving caring person, without getting involved in the drama. You don’t have to be part of their drama.

But realize there are people you intentionally or unintentionally create drama for themselves and for other people around them. If you participate. They will use this tactic with you over and over again. If you don’t participate they will understand that you are neither an actor on the same stage with them, or a spectator, and will probably stop inviting you into their drama.

A little emotional detachment will be good for you.

Try thinking about something that makes you happy. A vacation, being with someone you love, or think about a success you have experienced. This will take your mind off the other person’s drama.

It’s okay to find an excuse to walk away.

It’s your decision, whether to accept the invitation and take part in this drama scene or walk away. It’s your decision, whether to stay calm and save your time and energy, or take part in the drama that doesn’t help anyone.

Emotional Detachment for a Happier Healthier Life:

Let go of negative thoughts and feelings.

Get rid of emotional burden.

Stop taking things personally.

Stop letting people’s problems weigh you down, they are their problems no yours.

Drama belongs in the Theatre not your life.

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