How to Identify Your Personal Strengths

Much has been written about the importance of finding a d developing personal strengths as a vital part of the process of recovery when deal with your mental health.

By understanding and increasing your personal strengths, you can build a reservoir of positive attitudes, behaviors and activities which can increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. This can also help you reclaim a more full and complete life rather than being defined only by your mental health.

Often I have talked to people who are struggling with mental and physical conditions, they are not familiar with a strength-based approach. Moreover, when asked to identify their strengths they are silence, puzzlement or not understanding what their strengths are.

There are many strengths that we have that people have no idea is a strength.


an individual who remains in contact, along with other individuals in a with relationship with these family members. Reflect how much love, support and respect is provided to the person by their family.

Social Connectedness.

This strength refers to the interpersonal skills of the individual as they relate to others. This indicates how many friends the person has, their facility with social skills and their ability to maintain healthy relationships.


This strength is rated based on the person’s sense of his/her own future and whether they have a positive orientation about the future. Someone with a strong, stable positive outlook on the future will receive a higher rating.


This strength is based broadly on any creative or artistic skill or talent the person may have, such as art, theater, music, athletics.


This area refers to the strength of the person’s current school or vocational training environment and may not necessarily reflect any specific educational or work skills the person had. This area may rated as not applicable if the person is not currently in a educational or work training environment.


This strength describes the degree to which someone acknowledges the importance of and is regularly involved in volunteer activities that give back to the community.

Job History

This strength describes the person’s past experience and stability with paid employment.


This strength assesses the person’s involvement in spiritual or religious beliefs and activities.

Community Connection

This strength is based on a person’s level of involvement in and support from community groups, networks, and activities.

Natural Supports

This area refers to unpaid individuals other than family members who provide support to the person toward improving their health and well-being.


This strength is based on the person’s ability to identify and use their strengths to better themselves and to manage difficult challenges in their lives.


This strength reflects the degree the person is skilled at finding the necessary resources required to aid in managing challenges.

Going through these strength areas can yield a helpful profile of the strengths a person has which are either already well-established or potential areas for future growth and development.

By building your personal strengths you will find you can enjoy life more and find greater satisfaction and sense of purpose. So get out there and find your strengths.

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