How Do You Calm Your Racing Mind.

How do you calm a racing mind so you can sleep?

You have to get some sleep. You may feel tired or even exhausted before going to bed. But as soon as your head hits the pillow your wide awake. You just can’t stop thinking. It’s the worse.

It is necessary to get rest and sleep to recharge your mind and body. You know more sleep, but what can you do.

You get into bed early enough to get right hours, but you just lie there with your mind going a hundred miles per hour.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Do you take your phone to bed with you?

If you do the light from you phone is stimulating you brain and can suppress your natural melatonin release. The best solution is not to look at your phone after nine pm or one to two hours before bed, but lots of individuals are not ready to give up this habit. If that’s you use a blue-light blocking mode light night shift on iPhones or turn down your screens brightness as far as it can go.

What are you reading or doing before bed?

My second point is about the phone also. Texting at bedtime is a bad idea. The thought process that you use is to stimulating for your brain.

Obviously. Checking e-mails of any tyep at bedtime is a bad idea too. Especially if you com across something stressful. You may not even want to read the news, in case there’s a headline that stimulates thoughts or concerns.

If you like to read to wind down, choose a book (the printed kind). Ideally, that book should not be too thought provoking or stimulating. It shouldn’t be disturbing. It also probably shouldn’t be so incredibly captivating that you cannot put it down.

What do you do with your evenings?

If you have trouble winding down to sleep, take care not to wind yourself up over the course of the evening.

Good rules of thumb are to avoid challenging conversations with your partner in the evenings if possible. Definitely avoid starting difficult conversations close to bed time.

If you must work in the evening, like answering e-mails, try to do it earlier rather than later, so you have more time to wind down your mind before bed.

Working out in the evening makes it harder to wind down and fall asleep. Do it earlier during the day.

If you go out on a week night plan to get home at a reasonable hour so that you have time to wind down and still get to bed on time.

What lighting do you use at night?

This is the key to winding down. Individuals used to sleep an average of nine hours a night before the invention of electricity. The lights we have on at night in our homes are stimulating and can also suppress melatonin secretion.

Is there something specific you’re worried about?

Perhaps there’s a stressful situation you can’t stop worrying about that’s keeping you awake. In this case there is a variety of approaches.

If it’s serious get professional counseling support to help you problem solve the situation and/or your response to it.

Journal bed before bed to get your workout of your head and onto the page.

Learn a relaxation practice, such as a simple relaxation breathing meditation to quiet your mind and body before bed. If you cannot fall asleep focus on a three line scripture about peace as your breath in and out. It almost always works.

I met a skater once and she skates in her mind until she falls asleep. Any relaxing activity or thoughts along with deep breathing can help you sleep.

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