Your Life Will Be Better If You Pursue Meaning Instead OF Happiness.

You don’t become happy by pursuing happiness. You become happy by living a life that means something.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, unsure of yourself, aimless, you’re not alone. Many people are in the same boat.

Today right now is the best time ever to choose to do something that truly matters. Something meaningful to you.

Meaning is enduring. It connects the past to the present to the future. The more meaningful our lives feel. The more joy we experience.

Meaningful activities generate positive emotions and deepen social connections, both of which increase your satisfaction with life.

Research shows that focusing on happiness in life is actually self-defeating.

Happiness is the wrong pursuit!

Many people have the wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose

In fact, you won’t be as happy in life as you expect if you got a promotion tomorrow or even get 15% increase in salary.

You will be glad in the short term, but in the long-term, you won’t necessarily be happy.

Don’t spend your valuable time seeking your own happiness. You will end up feeling more shallow than you can ever imagine.

Pursuing meaning however makes you feel good about yourself because you are pursuing something bigger than yourself.

Something that make you come alive.

When you understand how you contribute value, you will attach meaning to even the smallest thing you do and connect the dots between your efforts and a larger purpose. The most motivating choices are ones that align with your why and your purpose.

When our definition of happiness is synonymous with pleasure and easy gratification won’t intimately bring us deeper feelings of fulfillment; it won’t allow us to live on our sweet spot. Although we claim the pursuit of happiness is our inalienable right and primary drive of the human race, we humans do better pursuing fulfillment and meaning- creating lives that generate the feelings that we matter.

One of the best ways to derive fulfillment as an employee is to work on projects you initiate. Something you are responsible for.

If you can make initiates and implement a lot of your own ideas, instead of reacting to actions others expect of you, your chances of finding fulfillment could double.

For many people, reactionary actions take up more of their days work than actions they initiate.

Choose your pursuits prodently!

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

Who you pursue something is as equally important as what you pursue.

Start something greater than yourself.

Something you truly believe in.

Your pursuit should be meaningful to you.

Purpose eases the pain of the, long hours and gives you the fortitude to fail.

It makes menial tasks meaningful and even fulfilling.

Many historic innovators of our time started something with the underlying belief that they can create something of great and lasting significance what others are not willing to do.

And guess what they found fulfillment in the process, no matter how small the pursuit was.

When you seek purpose, you acknowledge room for possibility.

It challenges you – and it invites others to help you pursue something of greater significance to you and the rest of the world.

Choose to be your authentic self.

Let go of who you think you should be, embrace who you are and watch the magic of purposeful pursuit unfold.

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