Tips For Getting Through Hard And Chaotic Times.

Let go of expectations.

The more expectations we put on things we can’t control, the more frustrated we get. When we expect things to go a certain way or people to act a certain way, and then they do, we feel frustrated, annoyed and even angry. We don’t see that we set ourselves up for failure from the very beginning.

I used to live my life expecting things to go and certain way. I would plan out in my head who was supposed to do what and why. And expected to go exactly the was it was in my head, then when It didn’t I would become hysterical and scream and cry and complain. I was always stressed out, angry and confused for days after trying to figure out why everything didn’t go as planned. I was disrupting my own life.

If we just take things as they come, with acceptance and compassion we have a much greater experience and much fewer conflicts. People’s words and actions hurt less. Delays and obstacles seem less frustrating. And we keep our focus more on the present.

Appreciate the small wins.

Sometimes life is so hard, so chaotic, so painful, that it’s okay to take the pressure off. Sometimes we just need to make it through the day. One minute at a time. One obstacle at a time. One small win at a time.

The more we focus on small wins the more we can ride whatever chaos throws at us.

Find your Grounding.

When things we rely on to keep us grounded give way. It can be very unnerving. Like the earth beneath us is suddenly slipping away.

Sometimes Life throws wrenches in our plans and sometimes we can no longer count on our homes, families, or our jobs to give us the security we long for. The instability can be rattling and make us want to break down in defeat. In these times we can find simple ways to ground ourselves no matter where we are or what we’re facing.

A cup of tea, a walk outside, or even a daily check with a good friend can be all we really need to find some footing amongst the instability. We can’t always fix things right away, but with a little bit of mindfulness, the smallest habits can provide massive comfort.

Never underestimate a cup of tea to break the chaos in a difficult situation.

Seek Silver Linings.

Look for the good things in every situation. No matter what you’re going through in life you can always find them if you look.

Create Magic Within Chaos.

Life can be chaotic. And exhausting. But there is still magic, small wins and silver linings. The more you look for the, the more they’ll keel you grounded until the chaos clears.

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