The Difference Between Worldly and Godly Views.

This one subject had helped me so much in my life. I am not pushing this down anyone’s throat. I am stating since I have become closer to God. Most of my difficulties in life have lessened. I tend to be more at peace and happier. It is your choice to choose this way or not. Always remember you have a choice in your life. No matter what the situation is.

Jesus calls us to be wise and ahead as serpents, but this wisdom is very unlike the world’s wisdom. Godly wisdom is innocent, gentle, reasonable, piece-loving, impartial, and sincere. It is full of mercy and willing to yield to others. It leads to Godliness and peaceful relationships with other.

Worldly secular wisdom tends to be self-centered. It exalts ourselves. When our hearts are not submitted to God, we will harbor pride, jealousy, and selfish ambitions and use our wisdom against others. God’s Word calls such wisdom ”earthly, spiritual, demonic” Jesus pointed out the Satan fosters such thinking and gets people to focus on things from a human point of view, not God’s

We see the circumstances, God sees the Destination.

Our lives are the result of all the choices we make. It takes wisdom to ensure that our choices come together so that we end up at the narrow gate, we need to seek wisdom and guidance from God. He will show us the way.

Enter in by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and board is the way that leads to destruction, and many are those who entering by it.

Mathew 7:13

Godly wisdom could even result in us bringing many others with us to the narrow gate. Worldly Wisdom offer tend to result in destruction.

Good qualities of Godly wisdom.

You can recognize wise people in your life. They bring a sense of calm and peace wherever they go. They are not cowardly petty, or arrogant. Neither are they easily fazed by challenging situations. They are quick to go to God for wisdom.

Get wisdom get insight; do not forget and do not turn away from the words of my mouth.

Proverbs 4:5

Practicing Godly Wisdom.

We receive wisdom from God’s Spirit… The Holy Spirit communicates through our spirit and inner conscious. As we pray and quiet down to listen to Him, He will give us an ”inner knowing” and plant insights into our minds.

Begin with humility and turn towards God.

Reverence and humility before God are crucial to gaining Godly wisdom. The humble will listen, observe, accept correction, and grow wider. The proud only collect more knowledge. God calls this folly and futile.

Turn away from worldly wisdom.

The world is filled with teachings, quotes and ideologies, that sound like great wisdom, but will ultimately, lead us away from God.

Worldly wisdom will lead us to gtrafy our desires, rather than submit to God. The Bible calls us to set the mind on the spirit, so we will experience God’s life and piece. We need to put away or repent of relying on our own understanding and logic as to how things work based on the world’s teachings and renew our mind with God’s Word. This is how we will be able to follow His untimate wisdom.

Slow down, quiet out thoughts and ask God.

It takes discipline to quiet our minds and wait on God. When we fix our thoughts on Him, He will reveal the path forward. He even promises to be generous with His limitless wisdom when we ask Him with simple faith.

The temptation is always to ruminate on the “what if‘s” in life but such thinking will prove to be futile because with God, there is only one way, and that is His good and perfect will. We need to beware not to let some unspoken fear or personal insecurity drive us to “look at the possibilities in life such fears are not from God.

Test our thoughts.

Something can sound 95% right and still be wrong.

Just as the Holy Spirit will give us Godly wisdom, Satan can also give us worldly wisdom. It is important to ask the Holy Spirit to help us examine and test the direction of our thoughts so we follow His voice, instead of the enemy’s. This is one way we test spirits to see whether they are from God.

Stay away from ungodly influences.

I think this is most important if your going to stay on the right path. Their are good people in the world, good but not Godly.

Ungodly influences come from many different sources, from family traditions, the media, society, pop culture, songs, etc. Ultimately, they will fill our minds with insecurity, pride, doubt, and worldly human logic. We are to keep our thoughts clean, uncorrupted and innocent so our thoughts don’t get swayed away from God’s will.

If we feel as if we are ”tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about in our thoughts. Then we need to examine if we are being blown about by ungodly teaching or lies that sound like the truth.

If you listen to go if advice. even si, we need to be selective about who we turn to for advice Seeking wisdom from prudent God-fearing people is good but seeming God’s ultimate wisdom. Is the best. No one knows what tomorrow holds as clearly as God does, and no detail istoo significantly bring. Before God.

Know God’s Word Well.

Nothing beats studying God’s word. This is how we will be able to decipher His ways, His will, and His character. The wise know that God will never do anything that’sout of character not will He changed His word.

Make use of our wisdom for God’s glory.

The wise will choose the right time to speak up for what is right, stand up against injustice, and correct those who are heading to Hell and destruction- all because they consider others more highly than themselves and love them as God loves them.

When a moving attitude counsel, advise, and correct others. The wisdom we bring will be appreciated because it will prevent more damage. At the end of the day, when we combine wisdom with God’s grace, He is glorified and praised.

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