Simple Living In A Modern World.

Today’s world has many luxuries that are supposed to make life easier. These things can also make things complicated.

There are lots of people who dream of simple living. They picture spending days sitting by the lake and enjoying nature. This dream is often interrupted by reality, but it does n’t have to be that way. There are things we can do begin living a simple life.

When people hear ”simplify your life, ” they may think it means moving into a home in the middle of the woods and living of the land. Or winning the lottery and traveling the exotic world. But, that’s not necessarily a simpler life-and it may not be for everyone.

Instead, choose things that can keep you in the modern world, but can still make life easier.

How to Live a Simple Life

Get a basic cell phone.

It would be nice to say a cell phone was not necessary at all, but pay phones have disappeared, and if you need to call someone with data and texting opt for a basic cell phone that only makes and received calls. There are plans for less than $50 and offer free minutes to talk every month.

Cut the cable cord.

Many people are spending well in excess of $100 a month on cable television that gives them 500 channels, most people watch 15 if that.

Instead of having a cable bill, use over the air stations that you receive free. Add a streaming service and you will never miss cable. Without cable, many go back to the old reliable method of entertainment-talking to one another. Get back to the basics of life is known to reduce stress, and make you happier.

Get rid of credit cards.

Credit cards are nice. They allow people to buy things they otherwise could not afford and pay for it over time They also become a burden that drags many people down each month.

Instead of using credit cards, only buy what you can afford. Stick to that plan and the fear of not being able to pay the bills will quickly disappear.

It is a huge temptation to get a credit card, it’s so easy to fall into that trap. But, there are sometimes huge interest charges. And you don’t have to pay off the card every month and it just builds and builds. Leading to a huge debt that causes stress and unhappiness.

Declutter the home.

I am guilty of this and it is a terrifying thought that piles of stuff ends up everywhere and causes stress. I am a collector of clothing. It’s my downfall and I cannot get rid of any because I might need it one day.

A search around the home will find many things that are not needed or no longer used. Find different ways to declutter your life and get rid of things that are no longer necessary. It is even possible to make some money selling these things that can be used to help in other areas, such as paying off credit card debt.

Get rid of monthly expenses that are not needed.

Many people pay gym memberships, monthly internet service, and many other monthly services they barely use. They have put their monthly payments on their credit card so they don’t even realize how much money they are spending any not being able to use. There are often ways to get the same things that you get from these pay services without having to pay. Gym memberships can be replaced with exercising at a local park or walk8ng around the neighborhood. If you need internet service to go away from home, many places give free internet services like restaurants, grocery stores parking lots the library, and coffee shops. It might take effort at first but once it becomes a habit, it’s easy to do.

Start to track your expenses.

One thing people will benefit from doing is tracking the money they spend it is the best way to find out when you are spending money and what you Are spending it on. It is possible you will find to spend money you don’t need to. You may find that second car expense you may not need. You could take public transportation to work and get by without a second car and all its headaches. When you realize that it becomes possible to make changes

Track your time.

Pay attention to how much time you are spending doing things. Look for ways to cut down on the time you think is being wasted on unnecessary things

Time and money are two of the most valuable resources people have. When life gets simpler, thd amount of these two things that a person has available will rise. This is the benefit of a simpler life in today’s world.

The great thing about this list is that people have choices. They can choose to do one oft them , or some of them. They can start out with one and then add some others later.

Life is about. Choosing simple living is something that is becoming a popular thing to do.

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