Find Balance and Inner Peace

In today’s modern society it feels like an obstacle to find peace of mind.

But there are ways to find and maintain inner peace.

Inner peace is a choice, and many of your habits determine how much peace you experience in your every day life.

Balance is not only a thing you must achieve but should become a lifestyle.

Here are some ways to experience inner peace and enjoy life on a deeper level.

Focus your attention on what you can control.

Why worry about things you can’t control? Its sours your mood and makes you less capable.

Ask yourself, ”Is this something I can control? Will worrying about it fix anything?

As a human being, you have to know which things are within your control. Anything beyond that can distract you and add stress to your life.

Don’t be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made knows to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ( Pilippians 4; 6-7).

I stand on this scripture with faith all things are possible. With Faith, Hope, and Love everything will turnout for good. God is in control of everything.

Spend time in nature.

The original humans did not live in a 3 bedroom ranch home and ear microwave popcorn.

Take a long walk in the park or spend a weekend camping. It will feel amazingly different compared to sitting in a building 24 hours a day.

It helps you open your thoughts and mind to new things. And can be very peaceful.

Listen you the wind it talks.

Listen to the silence, it speaks.

Listen to your heart, it knows.

Native American Proverb.

This is so true, opens your ears and open up your eyes and you will find things you never knew existed.

There’s something peaceful about spending time among the birds and the trees.

Be true to yourself

Few things are more disturbing than living a life you weren’meant to live.

It continuously gnaws away at you. Live a life that’s accordant with your values.

It’s to easy to allow society to dictate your choices.

You do t have to spend your life on a career that impressive to others. You don’t have to chase after a fancy house or extravagant things.

Make your own decisions about what’s most important to you.

Pay attention to what you eat

You may not realize how bad you feel, because you’re not used to

When I eat to much chocolate I can tell the next day, because I feel irritable the next day.

Try eating the way you should just for a week. Note the change in how you feel. Research foods that can improve your memory, increase focus, and help make you feel good about yourself.

Now try eating some junk food and sees what happens to your mood and your overall sense of wellbeing. You’ll feel like you’ve been run over by a garbage truck. Say no to junk foods and soda.


Have you ever notice how great you feel as you’re walking out of a gym or going for a run?

Exercise feels good, and you feel good about yourself for doing it.

Exercise is not only good for the body but it’s also good for the brain.

Do some good deeds

This is a great way to take your do us off of yourself.

When you do good deeds, you become more aware that others are struggling.

When you are kind you receive kindness in return. You’ll also feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when you help someone else.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Matthew 7: 12

Be assertive

Be open and forward with your needs and desires. You’re not only more likely to get what you want, but you’ll also feel more in control of your life.

Being passive results in having less control which runs counter to inner peace. Be bold without being aggressive.

Don’t let others stand in your way, take full charge of your life. You are in control.

Relax and be quiet.

This helps you see life and it’s challenges more accurately.

Learn deep breath techniques.

Things are often better than they seem. Relaxing in a quiet place can prevent your mind from making a situation seem worse than it really is. Stop over thinking the situation.

If it seems that what you’re doing is stressing you out stop and do some deep breathing techniques this instantly calm you down and clears your mind. If you are unable to do this. Stop and start over until you can. See the different does to your mind afterwards.

Avoid trying to change others

You’ll have as much success trying to change the weather as you do trying to change people.

It’s hard enough to change yourself. How will your ef manage to change so one else?

It’s important to take care of yourself mentally and physically.

Eat properly, exercise, and be true to yourself. There’s no need to please other people. Be assertive and take control of your life. Avoid chasing after those things that society has determined to be important.

When I am dealing with situations I cannot control that are getting the best of me. I say out loud ”GodI give all of this to you, I let it go it’s in your hands.” give him complete control of the situation and don’t pick it back up again.

Al, the accomplishments in the world can not replace inner peace.

Decide for your hand live the life you were meant to live.


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