How To Cope With Bad News

Imagine: Your partner cheated on you or walked out on you. You’ve been fired. Your house has been burglarized. You’re been diagnosed with a life changing condition.

Bad news can leave us in a state of dread and despair. It seems like your whole world is falling apart, almost as if we’re being driven into the ground. We fear the very worst and cannot get it out of our mind, or gut. Often there are other emotions mangled in, like anger, guilt, despair, and love.

We all have had it, and we’re all going to get it again.

So How To Cope?

Don’t forget to breathe, it sounds funny but, sometimes when we are in a difficult situation we can actually forget to breathe. It very important to regain control over our emotions. Breathing in deeply through your nose and hold the air in for several seconds. Then gradually let the air out. Do this until you feel more relaxed.


Try to frame the ad news, to put it into proper context. Think about all the good things in your life. Including those that have been and those that are yet to come. This would be a good time to go look at your latitude journal of the papers in your jar. Remind yourself of all the strengths and resources- the friends and the places you go to that you can draw on in your time of need. Go to your secret place and pray. Imagine things could be much much worse- and how they are for some people. Your house has been burglarized and you lost a few valuables. And it’s all a huge hassle, But you still have your health, your job, your partner. Bad things are bound to hit us now and again. In many cases, they are just the flip side of the good things that we enjoy. You got burglarized because you has a house and valuables. You lose a great relationship, because you had one in the first place. Many a bad thing is no more that the reversal or removal of a good one.

Negative Visualization

Now focus on the bad news itself. What’s the worse thing that can happen, and is that really all that bad? Now that you’ve dealt with the worst, what’s the best possible outcome? I knew a man that was very respectful in our little town, he had gotten a job in healthcare. He had to get his background check done he thought that was done. After working for 6 months taking care of patients. He was called to the bosses office saying there was an issue with his background check. This man was 50 years old. He couldn’t imagine what it was. His boss gave him a number to call and he couldn’t return to work. When he called the number it said his background check came back saying he couldn’t been around anywhere that medication was responded. He was in shock, worried about his reputation, and didn’t understand why.

He worked the state that he’d done the check for 3 weeks, nothing he did help. Finally he had to get 4 references from people in the community and paid to have a different background check. It was because he was pulled over (not arrested) 32 years ago. For being high. This man was a 3rd grade teacher and a pastor of a church. He had turned his life completely around. And, this one time being pulled over had haunted him. It turns out this background check he had for the healthcare facility had put his information in the computer differently that the one that had been for his teaching position. Yes bad thing happen to everyone.


Finally, try to transform your bad news into something positive, or into something that has positive aspects. Your bad news may represent learning or strengthening experience, as act as a wake-up call, or force you to reassess your priorities.

God promises to make something Good out of every bad situation that brings devastation to your life.

Romans 8:28

If you have any other strategies for coping with bad news, please share them in to comment section so that others might benefit.

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