The Mind Body Spirit Connection

What is it? The mind body Spirit Connection is a wonderful thing. Understanding, supporting, and tapping into its power are pillars of healing and manifesting your true desires. They make us who we truly are.

You cannot separate the three. Understanding the unity of the three within each individual being is amazing. It has been part of the healing system for thousands of years. To reinforce the understanding, you mind can help heal your body.

Even when It appears that only the body needs healing, the cause may trace back to the mind or spirit. Therefore healing your mind can heal your body. Mental stress can lead to the cause behind a large amount of diseases.

Next time you feel stressed, notice your physical and emotional systems. You may have sweaty hands, your vision may change, and your heart may be faster. Your mind may be racing, feeling panicked or angry. If you can pray it may help you stay focused. When you feel peaceful and relaxed you can breathe. You may feel connected to your intuition to all that is Devine. You may feel inspired to offer gratitude, praise, to sing and dance.

Consider when you hurt a part of your body or are sick, your whole being I’d affected. When you stub your toe it radiates through your entire body. It may be hard to think of anything else.

What happens when you hear good news? You feel excited, your body may feel supercharged.

A babies entire little bodies move and responds with every emotion and physical sensation.

You have probably heard these expressions. “He was a broken spirit” if your hair ever stood up on your body. Or “I feel it in my soul.” Or I knew it in my gut.” You have experienced the mind body connection.

Before children learn to hide their feelings. You can see their mind-body experience. Shrieking screams, tears, flailing arms, a red face, legs moving around can express their feelings of anger. Sparkling eyes, rosy cheeks, laughter, or clapping their hands express their happiness.

Is It Mind Over Body?

In the past experts used to think the mind was another name for brain. They now realize that the mind is in the body. You say you have butterflies in your stomach that describes feeling anxious. Children you have not learned to hide their feelings. Have emotions in their faces, bodies, and their behavior at the same time. We can see watch their emotions change and flow by what their bodies are doing.

Our brain has a powerful influence over our body, there is a lot more to the mind body connection than a master-slave relationship. The once believed mind powers and consciousness belong to the brain is a myth.

Our intelligence goes far beyond the power of our brains. The brain can communicate with our bodies and the body communicates with the brain on a continuous basis.

The cells are like miniature people. They have the same system and receptors as skin. Their environment and community’s act like cells at large. Their environment is affected by nutrients, toxins, and your perceptions. The factors influence how genes express themselves more the DNA. It is a matter of nurture over nature.

Each cell in your body is independent like. Member of a community that makes up your body.

Your heart has thousands of neutrons that communicate with the brain to the vagus nerve and the other way back. Your heart actually as a larger magnetic field that your brain.

Our mind body works in mysterious unpredictable ways. Their are people who experienced an spontaneous healing know healing can and does happen.

It dumbfounds me how God can make our bodies magnetic to heal ourselves. Our bodies are throughly a miracle at work.

Tapping into Your Mind Body Connection

Individuals can use different techniques to reach wisdom of the mind, body, spirit connection. These methods vary with skills, the ability of relax and being detached from the outcome and perhaps elements no one is even aware of.

Have you seen demonstrations the people who can twist in all different positions. Have you ever wondered how they can do it and not be in immense pain. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are amazing things. We can control our body systems in ways we never have imagined. Only God knows us in and out. It is miraculous that our bodies can heal itself.

od knows

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