The Power of Empathy

Empathy for others doesn’t necessarily lead them to change their behavior, but it does help you to better navigate situations.

Often discussed as something that we might do (or perhaps should do) to be a good person, feeling empathetic helps us make connections with others and understand them better. It’s different from having sympathy for someone, which means to look at the suffering from the outside and feeling sorry for them. Empathy is feeling someone else’s pain or seeing through their eyes. It’s also a precursor to compassion, which is empathy in action-a commitment to do something that relieves someone else’s suffering.

Experiencing empathy can make your own life better. Empathy can open your heart, letting in more feelings, but also softening some of the tough experiences. As we build empathy for others, we understand them more and can connect with them differently, which boosts our resilience -the ability to bounce back after challenges.

After I left my parent’s house, I had built up a huge wall around myself nothing and nobody could break down. I had decided I was tired of feeling and caring about anything and anyone. It took about 25 years to break down that wall I had to break it on my own because I wouldn’t let anyone else near it. After I decided to choose God it took another 4 years to let him in. It ended up being the toughest challenge of my life. But, once I did things turned around 360 degrees for me. Total life change. I don’t care if anyone makes that choice or not I’m just saying it worked for me. God’s mighty power can teardown the emotional walls we build around ourselves. For me it took a long time.

The worst life choice we make is not allowing anyone in.

Empathy is about opening your heart. This can be very difficult, but our hearts can hold a lot. It’all about allowing the wall to come down and allowing all those feelings to come pouring out. The wall can only hold so much pressure before it starts to crack. We must allow the walls to crack if we’re ever going to heal.

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