The Benefits Of Being Humble

What is hope for Humility as society celebrates over confidence, entitlement and ego.

People are increasingly competitive, attention-seeking, narcissistic, and obsessed with the lie that they are entitled to everything with working or trying.

Humility involves a willingness to accept the self’s limits and it’s place in the grand scheme of things, accompanied by low levels of self-preoccupation


Soothe the Soul

Humble people are better able to cope with anxiety about their mortality.

Instead of erecting self-defense against death, humble people tend to find it provides a useful perspective on life and how it should be lived.

When I was recovering from my childhood. I became defensive at everything, I wanted to physically fight for anything that upset me, and sometimes I did, I thought I was entitled to be myself as I thought I deserved everything. I didn’t care who liked me or not I needed to be respected and I thought that by fighting for that respect was the right way to do it. I was disrespectful to everyone I came in contact with but expected them to be respectful and kind to me. That is not the answer to any issue in life.

To bad, it took me over 30 years to figure that out. I would have been much farther in life than I am now. Sometimes it’s a hard lesson to learn.

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.

Ephesians 4:2

Humble leaders are not only liked better they are also more effective.

Higher SelfControl

Having higher self-control is one key to a successful life. Surprisingly studies have found that being obsessive with yourself leads to lower self-control.

The humble because they are less focused on themselves can exhibit higher self-control in many situations. Because humble people tend to know their limits.

Less Prejudice

One of the characteristics of being humble is having a low sense of entitlement.

When you realize that the people around you are just as entitled as you are. Everyone can work together for a successful outcome.

Humble people don’t think they are owed things. If you want something you have to work for it, it’s not going to come to you.

Humility leads to a less prejudiced view of the world, encouraging people to be tolerant of others and less defensive about their own beliefs.

More Helpful

Humble people are, on average more helpful than people who are conceited or egotistical.

Have you ever let someone cut you in a shopping line when you seen they were in a hurry or they had fewer items that you? Have you ever paid it forward meaning paying for someone’s groceries when you had extra cash you could spare? Have you ever given food or money to a person to were less fortunate than you? That is being humble, it’s not about you it’s about someone else. When making someone day is more important than what you can give yourself.

It’s not all about money. You can do this by simply helping someone put their groceries in their cart or returning their cart to where it belongs. Going to help somebody because you can see they need it, not because they asked. Visiting people when you know they are alone.

Better Relationships

Humble people have better relationships because they accept other people for the way they are.

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