Relief Or Restoration?

The difference between relief and restoration in your own life.

Most people aim for relief instead of restoration. Relief short term, it lifts the pain or the pressure for a while it’s only temporary.

Restoration, however, gets to the heart of the matter. It fixes the deep issues from which you feel the need for relief. Restoration is the permanent solution. It’s making things right. The final cure.

Relief is just easing the pain, while things are not right. Drinking alcohol makes you feel better, but sooner or later your going to have to sober up. Eating makes some people feel better but the comes a time when you’re not even about to do anything for yourself.

I’m worked as a facilitator for a mental health group. I was not aware at first what let to alcoholism or obesity or even drug addiction other that what I had experienced myself.

The people that came in group were so lost and hurting. I would begin the class by going around the table asking each person to share something about themselves. And how their last 2 weeks we’re for them.

There were a few people’s stories that really touched me.

One gentleman was in his 40’s that his father beat him every day when he was a child. Having no trust in anyone he began abusing drugs at an early age. He said it was the only way he could deal with the pain. He would take anything he could get his hands on. When he dropped out of school and left home. He went to live in a crack house with a guy from school.

He never went to the doctor. At age 40 this man had been diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder. He had severe manic episodes and hallucinations. He was trying to live by himself but would find the walls talking to him. All he had ever known was hurt and pain and was trying to get relief the best way he knew how. Sadly he had destroyed his mind trying to do so. He ended up a mental facility. I would talk to him and he would tell me he believed in God, but then he would get very angry and start yelling. Sadly rather than seeking help to undo the damage of his father’s wounding ways. He got into drugs for relief, not restoration. And it destroyed his life.

There was a young lady that came to group every week without fail. This lady used to watch my children when I was working. She weighed about 400 pounds, her father molested her and abusing her. She would eat and eat trying to hide from the pain she felt. she was trying to cope by allowing her pain. Her soul needed restoration.

Don’t underestimate me. Relief in it’s proper form in great. Everyone enjoys a massage or a glass of wine or the peace of reading a good book. The problem comes, when we allow relief to replace restoration that’s when deformity and addiction set in.

Relief is for short term issues. Tired feet, a week of hard work, a challenging few months. Restoration is for long term issues. The childhood trauma, the bad stuff that has been produced bad fruit for years. Be courageous enough to go after restoration. It will make the relief in your life all the pleasurable.

Restoration in the Bible is synonymous with healing, repairing, and returning to a previous state of being. Although we may stray from faith we are still Gods children if we choose that right path and follow him.

God promises money can be restored, property can be restored-broken down cars, relationships can be restored.

With psychiatric and psychology counselors they can teach you ways to live again and cope with unpleasant situations. With God, he can restore what has been taken from you.

Be courageous enough to go after restoration instead of just relief.

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