When You Feel Broken But Your Ready To Heal.

We all experience distress in all sorts of ways as sadness, anxiety, addictions, unproductive obsessions, unwanted compulsions, sabotaging behaviors, physical ailments, and angry, bleakandagitated moods.

What helps relieve distress? what helps a person to heal? While the mental health system is saying drugs and talk therapy is the answer. Setting that aside, what else helps?

Be yourself

Set boundaries, having your own beliefs and opinions, standing up for your values, wearing clothes you want to wear, eating food you want to eat, saying things you want to say. There are hundreds of ways to being you and somebody smaller false.

Invent Yourself

You come with some attributes, capabilities, and proclivity, and you are molded in a certain environment. But at some point you must say ”I want to be me, original.” who do you want to be? You reduce your emotional distress by deciding to be a calmer person. Let things slide you don’t have to have a reaction to everything that happens. Be less critical, be a more productive person, a less self-abusive person.

Love And Be Loved

Part of our nature requires solitude, alone time. But this isn’t the entire story of our nature. We can feel happier, warmer, and live better and longer. Experiencing life is more meaningful if we love and let ourselves be loved. We should do both, be ourselves and relate to others. Include others in our plans, don’t only speak listen.

Get A Grip on Your Mind

Nothing causes emotional distress that the thoughts we think. Be better at identifying the thoughts that don’t serve us disputing them and demanding they go away and bring useful thoughts to our minds. Only you can get a grip on your own mind. If you won’t do the work, you will live in distress.

Put The Past In The Past

Don’t play along with your past. It a human tendency for us to want to wallow there. You must tell yourselves to more on and mean it. Forget the past it’s over, concentrate on the present and success in the future

Flip The Anxiety Switch To Off

Rampant anxiety colors our mood, and makes hard tasks much harder. Anxiety is your bodies natural fight or flight trigger. The best way to get though anxiety is to sit somewhere you are comfortable take some deep breathes and relax and let it pass, the more you panic in an anxiety attack the more your body will act out. Deciding that you want to live more calmly. Announce to yourself that you will not longer catastrophic, that you will not longer live a fearful life, or create anxiety for yourself.

Make Meaning

We can have much more meaning in our life if we stop looking for it. It is in our power to influence meaning and even make it. When we have meaning such as volunteering in something you respect. I volunteer at a local shift store that all there profits go to helping people overcome their addiction. Sending individuals to recovery programs for free. Things that can help communities better themselves give meaning to my life. We can keep crisis at bay when we experience a meaningful life. Meaning problems produce distress in life and by learning the art of value-based meaning dramatically reduces that distress.

Let Meaning Trump your Mood

By deciding that the meaning you make is more important to you than the mood you find yourself in. Instead of saying I’m sad today try saying I have to volunteer or work today. You start each day by announcing to yourself exactly how to intend to make meaning on that day by doing chores and tasks. And consider all of that, the rich and mundane alike as the project of your life, one that you are living with grace and good spirits. Reduce distress by checking in more on your intentions and less on your mood.

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