Finding Light In Darkness

We should always try to find a healthy balance between the darkness and the light, which can often be challenging. It has been said that many creative types are more inspired during dark times, but I have found that profound darkness hinders creativity and that the creative juices come out best when there’s a balance between the darkness and the light.

Thinking back to my childhood my mother was a very dark person. She would tell me horrible things about the devil beating his wife. These were of course superstition but they upset me horribly. My father, on the other hand, was a very light person, he would always have something good to say, to make everyone smile.

I’m the type of person who reaches for the light as much as possible. Yes, I have darkness in me but I push that darkness out with light. Yet in the past, I have been filled with many dark moments in my life. Love and losses are that way- these moments seem to come in waves. But realize even in darkness there is a shimmer of light. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. Darkness can never extinguish the light.

Light is defined as life, darkness is defined as death. In Joh. 1:4 God was life, and the light was the light of men. Those who have faith through him will have eternal life. In John darkness is Present the absence of light; the absence of eternal life and darkness referring to death spiritually.

Some people easily move on or get on with it, following dark moments, while others tend to linger in the darkness. It may have to do with acknowledging or being more mindful of one’s shallow side. The shadow spot with I like to call the gray area in our lives, maybe thought of as a dumping ground for our undesirable traits or those characteristics that have not been brought to our consciousness, which may include obsession with dark moments such as getting over the loss of a loved one.

It had been said we can not know light without experiencing the darkness but at the same time, both dark and light can be great teachers. We can have light the size of a mustard seed in us all the time if we focus on that light instead of the darkness in it. We might be more energetic, happier, and more successful.

There is gold in the gray area in the sense that there’s something to be learned from it but many resist wanting to mine that gold.

Be confident in your ability to balance the light and the dark, know that the darkness does not have to overpower everything in your life. Light is always there. When we find the right balance we persevere in life.

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