Emotional Scars

The deepest scar is the invisible scar. This is usually considered a psychological and emotional injury experienced by a person. A. Invisible emotional scar is difficult to heal compared to a scar on the body. Because they last as long until the letter part of adulthood. Parental abuse is a form of domestic violence and gives a deep impression to children’s thoughts and personality. Young people criticized or ridiculed by their parents have grown low self-esteem and continue to seek expert assistance.

The abuse leave children’s scars in the rest of their lives. Physical scarring is most painful, but emotional scarring is persistent scarring.

Adults who have been sexually abused as children are more likely to violence, depression, suicide and abuse than children who have not received sexual abuse as children. This theme includes the growth on one or more human beings. Imagine that you must deal with such a horrible environment fear, and you may have to live for years.

I have physical and emotional wounds. Most scars can talk about falling down, or pulling the deep fryer full of boiling grease on top of me showing off an interesting story as a children. I have some scars that represent surgeries. An emotional wound I continue to carry is the remembrance of nerve damage on the side of my face from my mother hitting me, and telling me to shut-up. I have horrible migraines today because of it. I have seen numerous Doctors and so far nothing has helped. I have a appointment to see a neurologist to see what treatments are available. Every time I suffer a migraine I remember those emotional scars, the things my mother said to me I can’t get rid of those emotional scars. Ever time I try to do something and fail all her words keep rushing into my mind.

All abuses are horrible. Each type of abuse leaves a physical and emotional scar.

There’s a quote the says “I suppose I love my scars the have stayed with me long than most people have.”

Yes, we all have scars but the tell our story and simply means you were stronger that whatever tried to hurt you. Wear your scars with pride.


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