Be Flexible with Changes In Your Plans

Once I get something in my mind (a plan) it can be hard to let go of it and go with the flow. Many of us were taught to some degree, that success requires perseverance. At the same time however, inflexibility creates an enormous amountof stress and it’s often irritating and insensitive to other people.

I do most of my writing in the early hours of the morning. I have a goal to spend time with God and write before anyone wakes up. But sometimes my husband and my plans have been altered.

There are countless, examples for all of us, times when our plans suddenly change, something we thought was going to take place doesn’t, someone doesn’t do what they said they would do, you make less money than you thought you would, someone changes your plans without your consent, you have less time than have previously planned something unexpected comes up and on and on it goes. The question you ask yourself is, what’s really important?

We often use the excuse of it’s natural to be frustrated when our plans change. It depends on where your priorities are. Is it important to stick to a rigid writing schedule or to be available for my husband? Is missing a 1-hour show on television worth getting upset over to go help someone in need. The important question is; What’s more important, getting what I want, and keeping my plans or learning to go with the flow? To become a more peaceful person, you must prioritize being flexible over rigidity most of the time, obviously, there will be exceptions. It’s helpful to expect that a certain percentage of the time things will change.

You will find that if you create the goal to become more flexible, some wonderful things will begin to happen. You’ll feel more relaxed, but you won’t sacrifice any productivity. I’ve learned I am able to keep most of my deadlines and achieve most of my goals. The people around you will be more relaxed too. They won’t feel like their walking on eggshells and neither will you.

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