Healing From The Inside Out

Recently I have been reminded of a important spiritual truth that. I wanted to tell you about.

This is healing (and all the blessings that come with it) begins first on the inside of us, and then manifests on the outside.

Everything that comes from God works that way, even salvation it starts from the inside then moves to the outside.

God promised us healing Exodus 15: 26 and 1 Peter 2: 24 tells us that it’s part of your covenant with God and it’s a done deal. It’s also His will to heal. We just have to understand and believe that truth from our hearts, because it’s faith that takes hold of it and makes it truein our lives.

To many times I see people looking outside for their healing answers, when the answers come from knowing and believing God’s healing promise. God’s healing promises, is in our hearts.

The spirit of a man will sustain him from sickness

Proverbs 18: 14

That means you want to strengthen your spirit- the inside of you in order to take hold of healing and every promise of a God. You receive from a God with you heart, spirit which is on the inside not the outside.

When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer seven years ago, my doctor told me I had about one year to live. I was devastated. How was this even happening to me right now I asked myself. I’m going to be dead within a year, my children were teenagers. I couldn’t and wouldn’t except this.

I was scheduled for a surgery and two days later I was in the operating room. Telling God if I was going to die, to take me while I was in surgery. When the drugs from the surgery wore off, I was in so such pain I thought I was wishing I were dead.

Spending two weeks in bed at home, I had a lot of time to pray to the Ultimate Healer (Jehovah Rapha). Realizing I was not going to die, and kept steadfast in Prayer and everywhere I went where there was Spirit filled people I would ask them to pray over me.Three cancer exams later. I was cancer free, I knew God healed me from that time on. The Doctor wasn’t so sure but I was.

Seven years later there is no trace that the cancer was even there. Praise God.

So if we know that healing comes from the inside of us- from revelation of what belongs to us- what can we do to strengthen our insides and get the healing God has promised?

Bathe Your Spirit In The Word

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. In Romans 10: 17. Let theWord do the work it never returns void. Saturate yourself in it… let theWord dwell in you richly, not poorly. Turn off the T.V. and other distractions and read the Bible, then mediate on it. When you see the word “Selah” in the Bible tells us to meditate on the word you just read.

Make a list of the scriptures that pertain to your need and keep it by your nightstand, in your car, on the bathroom mirror, over the kitchen sink, at your job. Have that list handy at all times and meditate on them so you can build up your spirit. In your car listen to healing CDs all the time in your house, while you sleep. Fill yourself to overflowing with God’s Word.

I think this is where most of us miss it. We think that because we’re “Word people” and we know some “Word” that it’s dwelling in us which is not that case. Yesterday’s Word is not enough for today’s battle. Whatever it takes to build up your insides with the Word of God do it.

Keep Your Mouth In Line

Don’t say, “why don’t I have my healing? I’ve done everything there is to do and it’s not working.”You can have what you say if your doing what it takes to bathe your spirit in the Word. Start saying it’s working! Call those things which be not though they were. I am healed, I received my miracle, and say Father, thank you that this Word which I am hiding in my heart is working I a healed in Jesus Name! That’s Faith talking , and faith is the victory that overcomes everything you’ll even face in this world today.

Act like the Word is true not just Words on a page of a book. As much as possible, do what a healed person would do. It’s very easy to get an image of yourself as sick, especially if you have been living with something for a while. Start asking yourself – What would a healed person do? But don’t stop taking your medication, wearing your glasses, or using a cane until you have the manifestation but, do practice seeing yourself well.

Don’t plan to stay sick: don’t make allowances all the time for your infirmity, or let being sick be normal. Resist your image don’t accept it as the way you’re always going to be. See if there’s anything you can do today that a healed person would do. Step by Step, one thing at a time let your actions agree with the Word that you’re putting into your heart.

I believe if you put these principles into practice today, you can begin to manifest your healing from the inside out. Don’t give up. Many Blessing to you.


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