How many of us have fell for lies someone has told us. I don’t know about you but, I heard a million lies in my life.

Lies, Legalism and superstition, and curses all work to bind us into certain behaviors and keep us from the liberation keeps us trapped and keeps us from God. Each of these work against your thinking process. The minute you receive them as truth, even though they are a lie, you have been captured by a demon force. All of us can be demonized. Even if your the most honest person on earth.

Even people following God. The lies that people are receiving perverts their ability to think or receive truth in their minds. It calls good evil and evil good.

If a person ever begins to believe a lie, the lie will go into their mind and end up in the heart. Proverbs 4:23 says above all else, guard your heart, for it is the issues of life. A lie will go down into the issues of life that are in his or her heart and try to prevent the life process that he or she has been sent into this world to accomplish. Whatever we believe a lie. It actually interrupts the life cycle.

Instead of flowing through your blood, here come the lying words and that actually starts flowing through the veins of our body. As the lies start flowing through the blood pumping through our heart (which is accepted the lie), it begins to darken our conscience. Satan knows that control your conscience that is darkened enough to trap you. So as this flows through your body it begins a stronghold and a wall to keep the truth from coming to you.

Every lie we receive in our minds works like an anesthetic to deaden us. In the Bible, it is called a spirit of slumber. How it works is to go to sleep at the right time to attach into the unbelieving, mocking, blasphemous spirit so that you can’t see the truth and be liberated. It will make you go to sleep at the right time to keep you from hearing the truth. Satan will try to use false arguments and philosophy to begin to exalt himself in your mind above the knowledge of God. So we are to cast down these things.