How To Release Faith And Let God Fight Your Battles

The Lord will fight for you while you only need to keep silent and remain calm.

I was on a journey for years to learn about the threats and attacks of satan. This wasn’t because I wanted to know how strong or how great he was, but because he did so much damage in my life. I know he’s affecting the lives of billions right now. What I have learned is it’s all smoke and mirrors; Satan has no real power.

It’s you and me that gives the devil his power. It’s not just the way it goes, or how it was meant to be, or just the hand you’ve been dealt. If the devil is messing in your life, it’s because you allow it and have given him dominion in your life. He has been invited into your life to destroy it.

When it comes to the spiritual realm, it’s important to understand the key players and what their powers are. In this battle there is good and it is evil. Jesus who is good, came to earth to take the power away from the enemy. He did this when he died and was raised back to life. At this time satan lost power over Jesus and anyone who would follow Jesus.

So, the power lies in who you give it to, plain and simple. If given the opportunity, the devil clusters our mind and puts thoughts of fear and doubts in our head to discourage us. To many people have given him the opportunity and now believe there is no way to find happiness, freedom, and joy. Do you feel like you are doomed to a life of Hell and misery on earth? With the media telling us, to have fear, anger, and greed, I’m not surprised if you feel this way. But, you don’t have to feel like you live in Hell and misery.

The entire purpose of our life is to bring Glory to God. While the devil wants to steal, kill and destroy your happiness God wants you to happily serve Him. The entire purpose of Satan is to bring glory to himself and away from God. Have you ever met someone who is filled with pride and self-love? That person is filled with the spirit of the devil.

A person who loves Jesus will be filled with love to follow Him and help grow the Kingdom of God. People who love God, care about where your soul goes. Their joy comes from things that Glorify God. This was Jesus’ way of living while on earth. He didn’t come to condemn or destroy or put a lot of rules on everyone. He came to show love and to heal. His goal was to help each of us find life through Him, and this brought glory to the Father.

God is the most powerful. His spirit has the power to do anything; even create the Heavens and the earth and all that’s in it. He has the power to cast the devil and the devil’s followers into Hell for eternity. But He also has power to give you eternal life in Heaven with Him.

So, when you listen to what’s on the news, know it is satan trying to mess with your life. Trust in God always.

Satan never was more powerful than God. He wanted to be, and for this, God cast him out of His presence forever. Not satan goes around like a big bully who is destroyed on their inside. His power is in casting fear over people and the power, authority, and dominion he has in peoples lives are only given to him by those who give in to his fearful thought, especially those who don’t understand the power of the Name of Jesus.

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