Advice For Your Soul

Each morning I take time to meditate and communicate with God. I thank him for another day and another opportunity to help others. I listen for His Advice and share it with others.

Many of us wake up each day and go about our daily activities without much thought. We aren’t necessarily happy, but we aren’t the fulfillment we yearn for. If we want to reach new heights and go places we’ve never gone, and do things we’ve never done, we are going to have to leave the nest. Spread your wings.

When we awaken in the morning, our first thoughts we have are what usually shape our day. If we take this time to get our minds right and set our intentions, we are bound to have a more positive day. Set your intentions.

We have all gone through something in our lives that was difficult or uncomfortable. Perhaps a loss of a loved one, or a breakup, or maybe even an addiction. Getting through that was a process, but we made it through to the other side if we share our experiences with others we can help them through it. Recover out loud.

Many of us struggle to be our true selves. Fearing what people will think of us, we begin weaving our own version of the truth into every story we tell, until even we can’t separate fantasy from reality. Authenticity is what we really need if we want others to see who we really are and understand us. Be authentic.

Once we decide what we want to do with our lives, who we want to be, we have to make a plan, envision it, and be intentional with your actions. No one can sit back and wait for opportunities to comes to us. Life doesn’t work like that. We can’t be afraid to fail. If we want to succeed, we have to dive right in with every intention of achieving the purpose you want. Dive in.

If we want to make our dreams come true. We need to be intentional. Make a plan commit to it and put forth the necessary action to see fruit from it. (to see ourselves making progress.) We must live it, breathe it to become it. When we do this, we will see our efforts rewarded. Make your dreams a reality.

Many of us have had to learn the hard way, that we can’t force our will on others. We can, however, be an example that promotes the change we would like to see. We can set healthy boundaries and let others know our values by living them. Be an example.

We will face many challenges in our lives. It can take several attempts to overcome some of these challenges. It can even take help from others. Don’t be discouraged. We only fail when we stop trying. If it doesn’t go the way you wanted try again.

It seems like we all have time to complete tasks at work or develop ourselves professionally, but many of us don’t take the time to work on ourselves personally. It’s sad many of us feel our worth or value is tied to a position or how many possessions we can collect. We are the biggest projects we should work on.

Sunday is usually the day we focus on God, we talk to him, praying for some type of blessing. We may mediate and listen for His guidance. With our spirits renewed, we rush out to our lives and forget about him until the following Sunday. If we talked to God as often as we did our friends or our love ones. We could have that renewed feeling everyday. Most of us talk to God during our times of struggle or trouble but forget about Him when things are going good. If we want to feel encouraged we need to do it everyday, maybe even a couple times a day.

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