Don’t Waste Your Time Proving Yourself.

There it is again, that feeling that I’m not enough. The belief that if I don’t prove myself that I’m going to let people down.

That’s it, the whole meeting was horrible because of me. Everyone is thinking that I don’t know what I’m doing. I need to get my stuff together.

Some times we obsess over simple things in life. So at the meeting, you were having a difficult time. Maybe had too much on your mind. Was worried about someone. We all have those days. It’s part of life.

In the midst of these thoughts. We can get a fighting feeling in your head and stomach. You may feel threatened and lock your focus on what just happened.

My husband and I go on a picnic and there are birds chirping, and beautiful trees around, we are doing something we both love, but I’m in my head brooding about the meeting I had yesterday.

It’s painful to reflect on a time in my life where I found myself stuck in this place more often than I’d like to admit.

It’s normal to experience fear, worry and doubt. It’s normal to feel like you aren’t everything you want to be. Some peop9e have deep discontentment that comes from that. It’s normal to feel like you must constantly be proving yourself to others and yourself.

Just because it feels real, doesn’t mean it’s true.

There comes a point in a person’s life when they realize running on a hamster wheel is not working anymore. They letgo of their struggle and find a different approach.

Shifting from what’s normal to what’s possible.

Try get rid of or avoid what we don’t want in our lives even thought it’s out of control.

Reading too far into things. Overthinking things that are not even real.

Believing in what is untrue, keeping you stuck in a pattern of self- defeating behavior.

Don’t let a molehill become a mountain, because that’s the way you choose to see it. It’s normal, but it doesn’t have to be your reality.

You can learn to shift your perspective to see things differently. Starting with the understanding that fear, worry, and doubt aren’t the enemies you make them out to be, it’s only information that you have the opportunity to respond to. When we don’t get carried away by it, you can use it to inform what matters to you.

Judgments, interpretations, and assumptions are a complete waste of time and energy. Why the need to always expand on what just happened? Stop making things up. It’s not helping. Simply learn to observe what is.

Proving yourself to others will only lead you to stress, anxiety, and burn-out. Instead, express your values, and what matters most to you in your life. Great the results you want.

Your no alone in your struggles. But you also don’t need to be controlled by what’s normal.

Reflect for a minute. What are some areas in your life that create tension, stress, and overwhelm you? What is the source of it? Would if you let it go?

What would you choose to do instead now that you are free.

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