Building A Bridge To Others

How can people build bridges to other people who might be different from us? We can start by remembering two things.

First, or a bridge to be built there can’t be an obstacle on the other. Side. We can’t strive with all our power to love someone or share the. Truth with them and still have it thrown back in your face. We need to be ready for it. To happen to us.

In 1 Corinthians 1:23, it says a stumbling block that people are forced to deal with or trip over. If you’re trying to build bridges with a stumbling block, we should expect some people to bank their shins and get angry.

Second. God is the real bridge builder. We’re the helpers. God invites us to co-operate in his work, but his work doesn’t depend on our plans of success. This should free us from fear from failure, but not from the need to strive for holiness. We need to be ready to be the instruments that God will use in the world.

We need to open a space where we can hear from God and obey him. Prayers, Praise, and Worship are vital to being receptive to God. We all need to fight against the noise that will keep us from hearing the word of God. When I hear God it’s not a voice it’s a feeling in my stomach I get an unction.

We are bombarded by advertising, calamity in the news, and violent music. The noise drugs us against he troubling truths of the human condition. It deafens us to hear God.

God is silence and satan is noisy. Satan is depicted as God of discordance and the enemy of harmony. Those who obey God create beautiful harmonies. Satan does the opposite. Satan is not a legend or a metaphor or a pre- scientific superstition. Satan is very real and personal malignant spirit, and he uses the noise of our culture and the confusion of our desires to turn us away from God.

Silence is more important than any other human work because it expresses God. We need to be humble and place ourselves where we can be of service to others. I am not afraid to state that I am a child of God and to be a child of silence.

What does this mean? It means that we need to cut out the noise from our lives. Listen to less music browse fewer websites and cut back on Facebook. We need to remember that God created us to rest in him, not the way people lay on the couch, but the a couple can sit together on a bench and share a love deeper than words. We need to have silence with him, it’s the silence with him that reveals himself and he plan to us.

If we prepare ourselves well, then when the opportunity to build bridges comes, the Lord will find us ready to do his work.

It can be haunting to look at the hostile, hurting world. But in reality we are in an exciting and fruitful time.

It’s our job to propose to the world a new truth about itself. That is to be loved into existence by a God who died at its hands, but nonetheless rose again in glory to save it.

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