How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Science tends to see us as introverts. Ambiverts or extroverts are based on how compatible we are around people. Typing our bodies as endomorphs, mesomorphs, or ectomorphs based on how easily we gain or lose weight. There are even the adjectives like creative, intelligent, and active based on what we enjoy or what other say we are.

Whether you’re familiar with labels. They help us zoom in on specific aspects of ourselves, blurring out all other aspects. The body, however, cannot and does not create such decides. Your mother and body are one and, along with your lifestyle, determine your personality, preferences, a d health.

If you were to tie back all the labels, everything you are, to a single anchor that would be your metabolic personality also called your mind-body constitution, functional energy pool. That’s all you need to know or understand your health.

Your Metabolic Personality.

When you think of what you’re made of, you’re probably thinking genes, cells and DNA, the building blocks that decide, how strong your muscles and bones are or what state of mind is which health conditions you are genetically predisposed to. You’re right, but that’s only one part of the story.

There a whole other part the explains why you’re you. Like, what drives your natural tendencies like cravings or even how you mate your socks sweating too much or feeling hungry all the time or waking up in the middle of the night, even which health conditions you are prone to beyond inheritance. This goes beyond your basic DNA code and forms you essence. This defines your metabolic personality.

There are three types of functional energies, each one coming with their own predetermined set of tendencies.

Energy of movement- light and quick

Energy of accumulation- Slow and Steady

Energy of transformation-Intense

All of us have all three energies, but most of us gravitate toward one or two of them. Sometimes in rare cases all three. This mix is the metabolic personality you were born with.

Everything you have an inclination toward and the way your body chooses to function is a reflection of your own unique energy mix. You will have certain quirks about you, you will like doing things a certain way, you will have specific interests, sadness and pet peeves, you will react to happiness, sadness and stress in a certain way, you will have your own thought processes. It’s what make you, unique- one of a kind.

The metabolic personality you were born with is your happy, balanced state. Stay true to who you are and you’ll be your healthiest self. It will just feel right. Fight or ignore your natural tendencies and the imbalanced you will feel- the not great feeling. The imbalances accumulate and eventually lead to disease.

Your metabolic personality is not as rigid as your DNA blueprint.

It can be influenced and so can be balanced.

You inherit certain traits from your parents, like your hair, of predisposition to diabetes. But if you look closer you’ll notice that you inherit certain likes or dislikes such as the taste in music or a distaste for olives. If you look even closer you’ll find that you develop some of these traits on our own, through your own, experiences and habits. Like if you were lived in Hungaria for a year you probably are a lot of gulosh than you did growing up and may even start craving it.

How you interact with your environment- your lifestyle – and, for that matter, your parent’s lifestyle before you were conceived, plays a role in determining who you are. Not meaning only an emotional, intellectual, or behavioral, leave, it’s more physical that that coming down to how your body functions and how healthy you feel.

Even though you are inclined to do things that pacify you’re metabolic personality, when imbalanced, you may end up doing things that aggravate it instead and this amplifies your negative tendencies.

Between what we are born with, what our parents taught us and what we experience in our lives we need to find a balance that assures a happy, healthy life.

We are our own unique self no doubt about it.

No two people see the world exactly alike, and different temperaments will often apply the same principle, recognized by both different. Even one and the same person won’t always maintain the same views and judgements: earlier convictions must give way to later ones.

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