Focus On what You Need, Not What You Want

We all want to be happy, but the more we focus on what we don’t have, the more we feel deprived. You can not feel fulfilled while you focus on what you lack. If you want to be happy, be grateful for what you have.

Studies reveal that levels of wealth or possession do not increase happiness. It really just makes you want more.

Once you have what you actually need. Set in terms of how your happiness level will be impacted. Other factors then become more central to you sense of happiness or fulfilment.

While it is good to have a decent salary, to have a high amount in your bank account is emotionally short-sighted.

The key to happiness is the fulfillment of our needs, not our wants is what makes us happy. We need to drive for balance in our lives. Beyond meeting our level of need, the extra effort in that area can be excessive, distracting, and even stressful. Pursuing extra wealth when we are lacking in family connection reflects an imbalance, and is less emotionally rewarding than less wealth but better relationships.

In our world, today people tend to have lots of possessions and bills than they need to be happy. The idea of having a boat, a motorcycle, four-wheelers, four vehicles would be nice, but the payments, the bills to pay for them all, let alone the upkeep is staggering. Only causing them to have to work more hours, be stressed out, and spending less time with the people who really matter in their lives. It’s all about possession and money.

What any one person experiences as being enough in any area and how that might look or what form that may take in any one’s personal life, is what makes us individual.

We would gain clarity on what we really need in each area, and separate than what we think we want.

Our natural tendency with something that is rewarding is to want more and more. The cost of pursuing more will neglect things.

I have a friend who has a nice big house but, that house is so full of possessions you cannot see the floor. For the clothing, movies, shelves pile with everything to the very top. She can’t even enjoy her nice big house because she can’t get around all her stuff. She has had multiple surgeries from falling and breaking her bones.

She has filled her life with so much stuff that she doesn’t even know what she has, and hasn’t used in years.

All the things you think you need, but just want. Can be a waste of money. That clutter your life and make you unhappy.

So be mindful of your natural human tendency to want more of a good thing that hinders us. This can confuse us and lead us off course. Such impulses are useful when resources are scarce and we need to strive to survive. There is a limit when it comes to meeting our needs, and that what we need to keep in mind when pursuing happiness in our lives.

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