Today Is National Prayer Day.

Even if you do not follow God. I’m sure we agree this World is in a bad place.

Let your gentleness be evident all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Every election season brings a certain degree of anxiety or uneasiness. The national elections of 2020 or {5781} are bringing out, what seems to me, a greater level of anxiety and anger than most elections cycles.

There are a number of choices being made. Some develop a posture of being above it all. Jesus is my king and I’m not lowering myself into the conflict. Certainly, we need to have a Godly worldview that recognizes the temporary nations of nations, elections, and culture itself in the light of eternity. Taking the path the Jesus Himself did not withdraw from culture or even the politics of His day. He waded into some of the most controversial issues that decides Israel in His day, while at the same time, insisting the His kingdom was not of this world.

There’s another extreme that is also very prevalent. It happens when followers of Jesus forget that the advance of the Kingdom of Christ is not dependent upon who is president of the United States is. Ignoring that can cause us to become combative, angry, and overemphasize the importance of this or any election. In this posture, we forget that those in another political party or backing a different candidate are not our enemies. We can find ourselves demonizing others and forgetting the law of love.

In the midst of a divisive, tense and angry time, how she we live in this political world?

Take a look at the Apostle Paul for a clear, powerful direction. To the Philippians and us. Paul gives instruction: Let your gentleness be evident to all.

What a contrast this is to what is currently taking place. Gentleness, Piece, and Prayer. That how we approach an election season. And I believe that Paul even shows us how to do that. In the midst of his commands he says, he says The Lord is near. We often immediately rush into the second coming when we read this. But I’m not sure that’s what Paul is saying. The Lord is near. He is close. He is right beside you. We can’t live without this gentleness, His Peace. Pray today and always for our leaders. We are in a time of choice.

I believe God is giving us a window of time, but that time is soon over. We need to vote the Bible when we are voting. The people in this world have decided who is best. But I vote the Bible Gods laws are there for a reason. They are good and pure. They have never failed me yet and I don’t expect that they will fail me again.

Pray for gentleness, and peace for the nation’s today.

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