You Are More

You are more than you think.

Somewhere out there, someone is crying for the tenth time today becitneir a loved one let them down in a big way. Again.

Someone is tapping concealer around their eye, wincing at the pain, and repeating silent excuses for their partner who hit them.

Somebody else is sitting listfully at work trying to remember who they were before their relationship began to take. Over every piece of their existence.

Another spends their entire day unraveling bit by bit as they attempt to let out every silent scream.

Humans are great at settling for toxic situations for a million different reasons and whatever we think are good reasons.

We love them

We think they can change

We think we could fix them

It isn’t that bad

We’re just overreacting

We don’t want to rock the boat

This is all we know

Were to scared to leave

Were too addicted to go

We stay because we think we have to

We settle because it’s easy

We settle

We stay

We freeze

And somewhere deep down, we know better. But we make excuses to stay stuck.

In my own life, I have settled 100 different ways for a million different reasons. And the pay off has never been good. It amounts to something pretty cheap. Like your dreams and your soul in exchange for your mere survival.

The kind of survival that gets you nowhere, beyond empty.

But we do it anyway. And repeatedly, and every time we settle we’re telling ourselves that we don’t matter. Other people can pursue their dreams, but not us,

We seek ourselves, short like this, in most cases, no-one will come to our rescue. We’ve locked our true selves up in our own prison without a hope of ever leaving

We might talk about the elusive someday. But someday is barely acwish and hardly a hope. Someday leads us nowhere fast,

If you want more out of life you’ve got to believe that there is more out there. And if you want to get anywhere you’ve got to be your own biggest believer.

In our culture, there’s this fine line between believing in oneself and having confidence. We put up an air of confidence that’s more or less a show. Because that’s what is expected. A lack of confidence is seen as weakness.

A deep belief in oneself is counterculture in a world that constantly asks, Who the hell, do you think you are?

Well…why do you think you are?

Far too many of us grew up again to think we might be something. Do your best, get good grades, obey your teachers and parents but never get cocky. We’re just lucky to be here. If it wasn’t us, it would be someone else.

It’s true to an extent. If I haven’t had started this blog you would never know I exist. If I never took a leap to believe in myself seven months age. I’d still have no idea what I could do.

At some point, I decided I was sick of settling. And I did something about it once I decided I was worth more.

You are all are worth more than you think. There is something only you can do. Your voice is yours alone. If you stay where you’re at and settle, so one will take your place, so you speak. But there will never be anyone just like you, with your unique message and voice.

If you never take a real risk, you will never know how much you can accomplish just because you believed in yourself and your work,

Who knows where your dreams will take you if you decide to not let them die!

You are worth more than you think. You’re better than the situations you settle for. You are made for more than a life where love is stagnant or pain.

You just have to start believing that’s true.

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