Words, Without Action, Are Meaningless

It is simple to make a promise. Or tell someone you will do something then never do it. It’s easy to say but hard to do. It is one of the core principles of life. Words are essentially meaningless unless you have the determination, the intent and the resolve to abide in them.

It’s easy to promise yourself you’re going to work on a relationship unless you make some concrete efforts to make a difference. Even little things can go a long way. The little things we do show that you’re taking your word seriously.

Say you told someone you’re going to laundry today but at the end of the day, nothings done. Would if that person needed clean clothes for the next day because of an interview. Now they need to waste time doing the laundry because of something you said you’d do.

We are in the year of an election and very few of their words you can trust. When you’re voting for a candidate, their speeches aren’t as important (to me at all ) as their accomplishments or their track record. Do they put their money where their mouth is? If they have been in politics before what did they accomplish. Did they make accomplishments that helped the citizens or hurt them? Did they keep promises made when they made a speech? Their personality makes no difference. Do their policies go along with my values?

Eventually, in any relationship, there will come a time where words don’t matter anymore. The track record of you keeping your word will become clear. Politicians will be voted out and relationships with end.

Actions are needed to put meaning behind your words. Like saying to a friend, you’re my best friend and then talking about them behind their back. If you were really their best friend is you had something to say you would say it to their face.

If your working in sales and you tell a customer that a product you are selling them, that it works great, but you know it’s junk and you sell it to them anyway. Your words are meaningless.

I have had many people tell me they were going to do something and they wouldn’t do it. It only shows me I can not trust them again. Not until their words meet with their actions. Don’t tell me and show something different from your actions.

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