I have to be healed from feelings associated with childhood trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and pain attacks.

To cope, I initially avoided dealing with the aftermath until years later. Because fear makes us run until you have to face the problem.

My life wasn’t a happy one when I was ready to find the answers because I lacked peace. At first, I sought external resources like self-help books. Then I realized my problems came from inside me.

There are no quick fixes.

Maybe there’s something you need to heal from that you aren’t fully aware of? Consider looking inward for productive answers so you don’t have to carry your emotional wounds your entire life.

Sometimes current news or situation can bring all those feelings back.

If you have emotional outbursts and aren’t sure why, you could be holding onto traumatic past baggage. A panic attack or being attacked by endless fear can rock you the core. Because whatever you went through, the current attack marked that your still dealing with that incident.

My husband sometimes says things that trigger me. I have to remember he just says something and doesn’t remember it’s a trigger for me. Even simple things like, that was stupid, why did you do it that way. Being called stupid triggers me right back from childhood. I have to tell myself silently to not get upset.

Choosing to change and start a new day will take over.

Store in your mind a helpful regimen handy for those anxious moments.

Emotions are the wag the body reacts to stress. But, if you can work on managing those emotions. After we release emotions, that ongoing stress can lead to worse health ailments.

When I had to get over my past traumas, I had to imagine myself as whole and healed. I had to talk to my younger me like she is fine now. And she is loved.

Because my fear of abandonment was crowding out the love I so desperately needed and wanted. I had to distance myself from what happened and tell my mind that I turned out okay despite my turmoil.

The complex mind to lump everything together unless you purposefully separate, isolate and connect the dots.

Being vulnerable and sharing all of us, men, women, children, or polka-dotted. To beat this thing that’d robbing us of joy and love.