Have you ever heard someone say “Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?”

When I wake up every morning. I say Lord what am I get to do today. Instead of I have to do this or that. Believe it or not it sets up your day in positive way.

I get to go to work? I don’t have to you to work. Think of how many people in the world that don’t have that opportunity. I get to go shopping how many people don’t have enough money to go shopping. It’s a blessing that we get to do things, not a punishment.

I believe that it is important to go to bed happy buy if you think of all the things you get to do tomorrow.

Every night say gratitude statements like I am thankful for the my friend calling me today- I am thankful that my children are successful in life. I’m thankful that someone loves me or that I am getting to a place where I can love myself.

When you sleep peaceful you naturally wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Here is a few tips:

The night before a busy day, do what you can to make your morning go easier. Lay out clothes, set up the coffee pot, make sure you know where your keys are and your not scrambling to find them. Actions like these can help your day get off to a calmer start.

Use an alarm instead of the alarm on your smartphone. When you use our phone as an alarm we tend to start looking a notifications, you subject yourself to the outside worldly demands on your attention before your feet even hit the floor. Don’t let e-mails, texts, and social media notifications rule you waking up moments. Claim ownership of your attention with a screen free morning routine.

Avoid using alarms that jolt you out of a sleep with a piercing noise.

Don’t sleep with your bedroom pitch black, you should be able to see the sunlight it gives for much less abrupt, more natural way to wake up.

You woke up! Did you ever consider saying a prayer thanking God for breathing new life into you today. I always do this and then ask the Lord to send me someone to bless that day.

Instead of dreading your day or get stuck in worrying about what could happen. Imagine how it would feel to have the day you want to have.

Engage in something you find pleasurable first thing in the morning. I’ll do anything for coffee in the moment, so it’s the first thing I do. I also enjoy taking showers in the morning it wakes me ready to start a new day.

Some may like listening to a inspirational podcast or exercising.

Give yourself a reason to look forward to starting your day. With the right approach you can have a great morning.